Alien base moon
YouTube: Mavi777

China's Chang'e-4 lunar probe is expected to have its touch down in the dark side of the moon on Thursday. As the milestone landing is just hours away, conspiracy theorists and some internet cracks have put forward a bizarre theory which may seem too difficult for a common man's conscience to digest.

Several conspiracy theorists have started arguing that the Chinese lunar mission to the far side of our natural satellite may discover gigantic craters on the moon's surface which are actually the result of NASA's secret bombings.

Many people believe that the dark side of the moon is filled with craters created by NASA's military bombings. These people speculate that NASA has done these bombings to kill extraterrestrial aliens living secretly on the dark side of the moon. A section of other people claims that these bombings were carried out as a part of lunar mining operations.

It was in 2009 that NASA's lunar bombing theory initially gained popularity among conspiracy theorists. As NASA deliberately fired a rocket and satellite into the lunar surface, conspiracy theorists argued that some sinister activities are going on in the moon without the knowledge of the general public.

However, the United States space agency later confirmed that the mission was carried out to determine whether the moon contain any traces of water. But adamant conspiracy theorists are not convinced with this explanation, and they strongly speculate that NASA regularly used to bomb the dark side of the moon as a part of their war against an advanced alien civilization.

A year back, Karl Wolfe, a technician at the Air Force Tactical Air Command headquarters in Langley had outlandishly claimed that he had discovered artificial structures in the dark side of the moon from the data obtained by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. He also assured that the structures were definitely not by natural means, and suggested that the far side of the moon could be actually an alien base.