Is daycare facility need of the hour for working men and women on duty, ask netizens after a video of Chandigarh cop holding her baby on duty surfaced. 

The traffic constable was seen holding her baby while performing her duty at a busy intersection in Chandigarh. 

Chandigarh police

Several passersby shot this video and lauded the woman for her dedication and spirit she showed toward both her duty as a cop and a mother. But many questioned the lack of resources like daycare facility or creche. 

The constable and another cop were supposed to report to duty at the intersection of sector 15/23 at 8 am but the duo failed to do so. Priyanka was pulled up for her absence and asked to report to her spot, as per The Tribune reports. 

It was after this that Priyanka decided to bring her baby to work. According to the report, the staff at Traffic Line at Sector 29 asked her to go home and take leave if she needed to. The constable, however, went on with her duty with her baby on her hip, as reported by News18. 

Woman should have access to crèche and proper child care: Netizens debate 

Initially, social media was full of praise for the cop. Journalist and Twitter user Gagandeep Singh tweeted a video of the same and said, "hats off to her spirit".

Oh bullshit! Please. This woman should have access to crèche and proper child care while she is on duty. Her State Govt should be ashamed for not providing it. Don't glorify helplessness & exploitation. It forces women to subject themselves & their kids to such dangers.

Chandigarh Police@DgpChdPolice should rather inquire why did she have to bring the baby on duty under such harsh & dangerous circumstances. This is not matter of "spirit" but shame that we can't provide child care facilities to our men and women on duty.
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