If there's a knock on your door in Bengaluru, it may well be Bengaluru Traffic police. Yes, the city police is planning to visit your home if you have unpaid traffic fines. The cops in part-khaki, part-whites are coming to collect.

And this time the Traffic Police will not take no for an answer as they will also be present in parking lots, traffic junctions to collect fine from motorists. 

Bengaluru traffic police declared war on us; cops flood city's potholed roads

According to the Bengaluru Traffic Police, at least Rs 150 crore fine is pending in challans so far. Bengaluru Joint Commissioner of Police (traffic), Ravikanthe Gowda has initiated this drive and the cops have cleared 11,488 pending cases & collected Rs. 49,94,600.

On Thursday, they have cleared 7,978 pending cases & collected Rs. 34,82,400 as fines.My appeal to all let us stop violating traffic rules. 

(to be updated)