In an effort to crack down on drag racers and wheelie freaks in Bengaluru city, the police have ordered action against the traffic rule violators. Here we are talking about the stunt maniacs who pop wheelies and indulge in drag races on the streets of the city especially at night on weekends.

Bike stunt
Bike stunt performance [Representational Image]Reuters

Bengaluru City Police Commissioner, Kamal Pant, IPS took to Twitter and issued an order which stated, "To curb the rampant problem of drag race/wheeling in Bengaluru city, a maiden initiative of binding over the culprits under the legal provisions of CrPC has been initiated in Bengaluru, whereby those indulging into these dangerous & illegal acts, shall be bound over for a huge sum."

He further wrote, "In order to ensure not to breach public peace. If they default, they would be imprisoned and the said amount will be forfeited. The action would also be initiated against garage owners, mechanics who alter the vehicles."

Action against garage owners modifying bikes 

Previously, Police chief Kamal Pant stated that a couple of motorists have installed modified bike silencers and caused huge noise and created a nuisance to the general public and also indulged in wheeling to curb such act a special drive was conducted. 

Pant added that in future if the violators repeat the offence, an FIR will be registered against them and strict action will be initiated and if defective silencer were found, action will be initiated against garage owners.