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The parents of a medical officer in Chandigarh wanted their daughter to get married and will now receive Rs 62,000 as fine from Wedding Wish Private Limited after the matrimonial agency failed to provide a suitable groom for the girl.

The Chandigarh Consumer Forum directed Wedding Wish Private Limited to pay the fine.

In 2017, Surendra Pal Singh Chahal and his wife Narendra Kaur Chahal were approached by the matrimonial agency who offered their services. The parents wanted grooms who were based in Chandigarh, who were doctors and Manglik since their daughter is also Manglik. The wedding agency had allegedly promised the couple that they will provide 18 suitable profiles for their daughter within six months and the hopeful parents paid Rs 50,000 to the agency on September 26, 2017, for a royal package, India Today reports.

The couple has reportedly sent a legal notice to Wedding Wish after the agency could not procure a suitable groom. When Wedding Wish did not respond to the notice, the Chahals approached the consumer forum.

Wedding Wish told the forum that they always went beyond their job description and when they run out suitable candidates in the locality, they will provide additional profiles at no extra cost.

The matrimonial agency went on to state that they did not provide the clients with a specific time period by when they would provide profiles.

However, the forum still held the matrimonial agency accountable for wasting the family's time and not organizing a single meeting between the prospective bride and groom. Wedding Wish was directed to pay a fine to the Chahals as compensation.