Hugh Laurie
Cast member Hugh Laurie poses as he arrives at the series finale wrap party of the television series "House M.D." in Los Angeles, California April 20, 2012.Reuters

After playing Dr. Gregory House in medical drama House, British actor Hugh Laurie will once again be playing a doctor in Chance, a psychological thriller series directed by Oscar-nominated director Lenny Abrahamson.

The new show will premiere on October 19 on Hulu and it is based on the novel of the same name by author Kem Nunn. Chance follows the story of Dr Eldon Chance, who gets a bit too involved with one of his patients, thereby landing him in the underbelly of San Francisco.

Laurie recently opened up about playing the role of yet another doctor saying, his initial reaction was to reject the offer. "I drew back and thought, Oh well, that's a shame — this isn't going to happen, at least not with me in it," he told The New York Times. But he changed his mind after reading the script. "If I play two doctors in my life, I don't think I've exactly fallen into a genre that I can't get out of."

The actor also confessed to not looking to being a part of a series after House. "I did that [House] for longer than it would have taken me to qualify as a doctor," he said. "And I ended up, after eight years, knowing no more about medicine than I did going into it. My father was actually a doctor. And if it's true that most men are sort of seeking to become versions of their father — and failing, by the way — it seemed appropriate that I wound up being a fake version of a doctor."

Chance will premiere October 19 on Hulu and on October 21 on Star World Premiere HD.