Sarah Jessica Parker will return to the small screen with Facebook/Divorce

The months of September and October will see a host of interesting and gripping shows such as "Quarry," "Divorce," and "Chance" making their way to Indian television as well. These shows have created quite a buzz in the west, and Star World Premiere HD will be airing them just days after it makes its U.S. premiere.

"Quarry," based on the novels of Max Allan Collins, is set for a Sept. 14 premiere on Star World Premiere HD. The show follows the story of Mac Conway, a Marine from Memphis who returns home from Vietnam in 1972 and finds himself shunned by his loved ones. In the U.S., the show will air on Cinemax on Sept. 9.

"Westworld" is directed by Jonathan Nolan, and this series will premiere in India on Oct. 4. It is based on the 1973 film of the same name and is about a futuristic theme park called Westworld. The show will premiere in the U.S. on Oct. 2 on HBO.

"Divorce", a  comedy series created by Sharon Horgan, will revolve around Frances and Robert as they grapple with the fallout from their failing marriage. Sarah Jessica Parker, who was last seen on television in 2004, will be seen marking her big return to television not only as the lead, but also as the show's executive producer.

This HBO series will premiere on Oct. 9, 2016, and in India on Oct. 17.

"This is Us" is a dramedy that follows the life of Jack, his wife Rebecca and the people they meet along the way who all share the same birthday. In India, "This is Us" will premiere on Sept. 24, and in the U.S., it will air on Sept. 20 on NBC.

"Chance" will see House actor Hugh Laurie returning to primetime television as a forensic neuro-psychiatrist. The show will premiere in India on Oct. 21. "Chance" is based on a novel of the same name and in the US it will air on Oct 19 on Hulu.

Check out the promos for these five shows below: