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"Happy Endings" was one of those shows that got cancelled by ABC way ahead of its time, and not due to lack of fans either. In fact, fans are still bitter about its cancellation, and want to see the show getting revived on a streaming platform like Hulu or Netflix.

Considering the first three seasons of the show are already available for Hulu audiences and the cast is ready to jump in at the opportunity, it shouldn't be too much of a trouble to bring the six best friends Alex (Alisha Cuthbert), Jane (Eliza Coupe, Dave (Zachary Knighton), Max (Adam Pally) Penny (Casey Wilson) and Brad (Damon Wayans Jr.) back on screen.

In a recent interview marking the five-year anniversary of "Happy Endings," the cast reunited and expressed their disappointment in how ABC mishandled the sitcom. The show never received the support it deserved and as Coupe tells Complex: "Even the posters and billboards around town were stock photos of not even us—just some random wedding cake. It was like, cool, they don't give a f--- about us. They put us out to pasture."

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The cast further talks about how Paul Lee – ABC's President until February 2016 – was unimpressed by the show. David Caspe, the series creator and executive producer, however, clarifies that he has no animosity over it.

Wayans Jr., on his part, believes that the show was a little ahead of its time, three years to be specific. "But if ABC would have just held on, they would have seen some fruits of their labor. Of our labor, really. But I don't know. I think it's a funny show. It's original. I don't really know any shows like it on TV."

Coupe agrees with her TV hubby and talks about the irony of being off air, when the people were finally ready for "Happy Endings."

However, "Happy Endings" need not have a sad and unfinished ending, because the fans can now head on social media and prove to streaming services like Hulu that the show would have an impressive audience.