Cadbury is one of the most loved and trusted chocolate brands globally. People of all age groups love to gorge on chocolates. In the last few years, Cadbury's Diwali campaign "Kuch Meeta Hojaye" aims at celebrating the generous instinct in everyone and showcasing how such moments go on to strengthen human relationships.

The adverts surrounding the campaign show different parts of India, majorly focussing on urban millennials heading back home. The concept of bringing love and light to every household in India and celebrating the festival of lights by gifting Cadbury chocolates soon started to become a trend. However, it seems that all of it was short-lived as the brand has stirred into a major controversy. On Sunday, Indians woke up to a bizarre trend #BoycottCadbury on Twitter.

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Netizens were left perplexed as they didn't understand any reason for the Boycott. Scroll down to know why the hashtag is trending massively.

Why is #BoycottCadbury on Twitter?

You must have come across a Cadbury celebrations Diwali advertisement where a doctor gifts a pack of celebrations chocolates to a poor lamp seller named Damodar.

A Twitter user claimed that the current Cadbury commercial is controversial because it features a poor lamp seller named "Damodar", which is also the name of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's father.

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As per her argument, she has alleged that the vendor's name in the ad is similar to our PM Narendra Modi's father, "Damodar" and in the ad, he is shown as a poor lamp seller. Dr. Prachi Sadhvi's tweeted: "Have you carefully observed Cadbury chocolate's advertisement on TV channels? The shopless poor lamp seller is Damodar. This is done to show someone with PM Narendra Modi's father's name in poor light. Chaiwale ka baap diyewala. Shame on cadbury Company"

Watch the ad below

Dr Prachi's Tweet has divided Twitter users, some agree with it and some consider it a baseless reason for the boycott.


A user wrote, "Running for #BoycottCadbury Cadbury because the name of the shopkeeper in this ad is Damodar. There is an argument on behalf of Sadhvi Prachi that Damodar is the name of Narendra Modi's father and in this, he was shown as poor. Means the father of the tea seller. Hence the exclusion."

Another one mentioned, "Have you tried your hand at short stories????"


Apart from this, netizens have slammed Cadbury India for putting a beef element

Most of the consumers were of the opinion that Cadbury is adding a beef element in one of their chocolate Dairy Milk. The company faced massive backlash last year. It was later clarified by Cadbury that all products manufactured and sold in India are vegetarian. However, the users have got the issue back and are sharing screenshots of dairy milk that contains beef elements.

A user wrote, "Cadbury's every products are halal certified."