The sixth grader was handcuffed, choked and kicked by the officer.
The sixth grader was handcuffed, choked and kicked by the officer.YouTube screenshot

A police officer in Boynton Beach, Florida was put on desk duty, after a leaked mobile video found him handcuffing, choking and kicking a 11-year-old sixth grader earlier last week.

The video, which has been posted on multiple websites including YouTube, shows two sixth graders sitting on the ground while a Boynton Beach PD officer, in course of questioning them, putting a chokehold and violently kicking one of them. Both sixth graders are seen handcuffed in the clip.

The secretly shot clip, which seems to have been taken by children from a school bus, was first put up on LiveLeak. The officer puts the student in a chokehold and kicks him in the back of the leg, causing the kid to fall. The sixth graders were reportedly just been removed from the school bus. 

The incident has caused much embarrassment to the local PD. It created quite an uproar among the general public and the police has been asked to explain their actions.

The department announced that the officer has been put on admin duty but no further details have been given. In an official statement, the Boynton Beach Police Department stated it has started an investigation on the matter.

"We are investigating the circumstances surrounding this situation and have placed one of the officers on administrative duty. We are concerned as to the initial appearance of the video, and despite the fact that we have received no formal complaints at this time, we are committed to reviewing the situation in its entirety and taking whatever action is deemed most appropriate at the conclusion of our investigation," Stephanie Slater, the Local PD's information officer, stated.