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Chennai Rhinos face Kerala Strikers in their third match of Celebrity Cricket League (CCL) 6 on Sunday. The match is being held at Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, Uppal, Hyderabad.

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The Kollywood team's performance has been below average this season, as they have lost both their matches. In their opening match, Chennai Rhinos took on arch-rivals Karnataka Bulldozers, which defeated the Tamil team by 83 runs.

In their second match, Chennai Rhinos faced defending champions Telugu Warriors, which defeated the Kollywood team by eight wickets. The Tamil team is virtually out of the tournament.

On the other end, Kerala Strikers faced Telugu Warriors in its first match and lost by five wickets. But the Mollywood team made a comeback by beating Karnataka Bulldozers by six wickets. Hence, there is still hopes for them to qualify for the next round.

The match between Kerala Strikers and Chennai Rhinos starts at 2:30 p.m. and will be aired on Surya TV and Sun TV. Here we bring to you live score updates of the match:

Kerala Strikers defeated Chennai Rhinos by 7 wickets. The hero of the match is Benny, who scored 68 runs from 32 balls and picked 5 wickets. The Mollywood team has also kept its semi-final dreams alive by winning this crucial clash. Even though, the Chennai Rhinos tried its best to defend the total, it could not restrict the Kerala team from reaching the target.

Second Innings Live Score Update:

 Kerala Strikers Runs Balls
 Prajodh  lbw b Vishnu  9  11
Rajeev   c Ramana b Shantanu  9  16
Arjun  lbw b Ashok   24  16
S Nair  retired hurt   6  13
V Gopan  not out   27  24
A Benny  not out   68  32
V Mohan       
B Kodiyeri       
Total: 159-3
Extras  16
Bowling Card
Name Overs Dots Runs Wickets Economy
 Vikranth  3  10  18  0  6.00
Shantanu  10  29   7.25
Vishnu  31  7.75 
Ashok   5 41  10.25 
Kalaiyarasan  28  9.33 
Shaam  0.5  11  13.20 

First Innings Live Update:
Kerala Strikers beat Chennai Rhinos by 7 wickets.
4 required from 9 balls.
Kerala Strikers need 8 from 10 balls.
13 runs come from that over. 148-3 in 18 overs. 9 required from 12 balls.
12 required from 14 balls.
14 runs come from 17th over. Score: 135-3. 22 required from 18 balls.
Kerala Strikers need 29 from 20 balls.
The Mollywood team needs 36 from 24 balls. Score: 121-3 in 16 overs.
43 runs required from 28 balls. It is achievable target for Kerala Strikers.
First fifty came from 52 balls and the second from only 38 balls for Kerala Strikers.
Benny now doing magic with his bat. He scores 34 from 17 balls. Score: 107-3 in 15 overs.
8 runs scored from 14th over. 94-3.
It's time for Kerala Strikers to keep its foot on accerlator. 86-3 in 13 overs. 71 required from 42 balls.
10 runs scored in 12th over. Score: 77-3.
Kerala Strikers have scored 67 for the loss of 3 wickets in 11 overs. 90 required from 54 balls.
Arjun is out for 24 (16). 58-3 in 9.4 overs.
100 required from 63 balls.
8 runs come from that over. 53-2 in 9 overs.
13 runs come from 8th over. Score: 48-2. Nair 3 (8), Arjun 19 (11).
Kerala Strikers need 122 from 13 overs. Score: 35-2.
After 6 overs, the Mollywood team are at 30-2.
Nair is the new batsman into the crease. Score: 23/2.
Kerala Strikers loses its second wicket. Rajeev is gone.
Chennai Rhinos pick first wicket. Prajodh is gone for 9 (13). Score: 22-1 in 4.4 overs.
Kerala Strikers are taking time to settle. After three overs, 15-0.
6 runs come from the second over. Score: 10-0.
Kerala Strikers score 4 runs in first over.
Prajodh and Rajeev open the innings. Vikranth off to the attack.

Chennai Rhinos, who were looking good at one stage, lost its momentum midway. It was predicted that the Kollywood team would reach around 180 runs but in the end they could only score 156 for the loss of 8 wickets. Vikranth and Vishnu's contribution helped them to reach a decent score in the end.

The credit should go for the Kerala Strikers bowlers for making a good comeback to the game and Benny's hat-trick is the highlight of the innings. He picked 5 wickets for 29 runs in 4 overs.

 Chennai Rhinos Runs Balls
Prithvi  b Benny  44  43
Vikranth  c Kodiyeri b Arjun 23   19
Vishnu   c Arjun b Benny  60 33 
Shaam   b Benny  1
Kalaiyarasan  b Benny   1  5
Shantanu  st Rajeev b Gopan   14 12 
Sharan  lbw b Benny   0
Bharath  run out (Nair)  0
Ashok  not out   3  5
Ramana not out 2 1
Total: 156-8
Extras  9
Bowling Card
Name Overs Dots Runs Wickets Economy
 Arjun  4  10  36  1  9.00
S Nair  14  7.00 
V Mohan  13  6.50 
Manikuttan  22  7.33 
A Benny  10  29  7.25 
V Gopan  28  7.00 
B Kodiyeri  12  12.00 

10 runs come from the last over. Score: 156-8 in 20 overs.
After 19 overs, Chennai Rhinos are at 146-7.
Chennai team loses one more wicket. Score: 139-7.
Hat-trick for Benny as he picks Vishnu, Kalaiyarasan and Sharan in a succession. Score: 137-6
Kalaiyarasan goes for 1 (5).
Vishnu gone for 60 (32). It is a big wicket for Kerala Strikers.
Chennai Rhinos lost the mometum midway. Score: 129-3 in 16 overs.
Benny on a hat-trick. Kalaiyarasan is the new man into the crease.
Chennai Rhinos loses its 3rd wicket. Shaam is out for a duck,  Score: 122-3 in 14.5 overs.
Shaam is the new batsman into the crease.
Prithvi is gone for 44 (43). Score: 122-2 from 14.4 overs.
Six singles come from 14th over. Score: 113-1. Vishnu: 37 (24), Prithvi 44 (42).

The Chennai team crosses the 100 mark. The first 50 came from 42 balls and the second from 34 balls. Score: 106-1 after 13 overs.
Gopan brought into the attack. Score: 93-1 in 12 overs.
8 runs scored from 11th over. Score: 89/1.
10 overs completed. Chennai Rhinos have scored 81 runs for the loss of 1 wicket. Vishnu 20 (12), Prithvi 31 (30)
Chennai Rhinos should be aiming 200 runs at this stage.
15 runs come from 9th over. Score: 74/1. 

After 8 overs, Chennai Rhinos are at 59-1.
50 comes for Chennai Rhinos in 7th over. Score: 52-1. Run rate: 7.43
Danger man Vikranth departs for 23 (19). Score: 47/1.
Manikuttan brought into the attack. He gives 8 runs from his first over. 46/0 in 6 overs.
Two boundaries come from the fifth over. 38/0 in 5 overs.
The Chennai team is off to a decent start. Vikranth 13 (11) Prithvi 13 (13). 28/0 in 4 overs.
Just 3 runs come from the third over. Score: 17/0
10 runs come from the second over.  Score: 14/0
Vikranth has to play a big role in this match if Chennai team has to win this match.
4 runs come from the first over.
Prithvi and Vikranth are in the crease. Arjun is given the ball.
Kerala Strikers won the toss and elected to field first.
It is a do or die situation for both the teams. Whoever wins the match has a great chance to enter the next level. runs