Punjab De Sher vs Bhojpuri Dabanggs
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After comfortably winning their first match, Bhojpuri Dabanggs is set to clash with Punjab De Sher, who lost their inaugural match against Mumbai Heroes. The match will be held at Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Stadium, Ahmedabad, on Saturday, 30 January.

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In the first match, Bhojpuri Dabanggs came out with flying colours as they dominated the game with their all-round performance. They won the match by 68 runs, which is a huge margin in 20-over game format.

On the other hand, Punjab De Sher is hoping to register their first win in the Celebrity Cricket League 6 (CCL). This match is very crucial for the team in order to go to the next level of the tournament. As a result, Sonu Sood's team will be putting their best efforts in the field to emerge victorious.

The match starts at 7 pm and will be aired live on PTC Punjabi and Big Magic Ganga. Here, we bring  to you live score updates of the match:

Second Innings Live Update:

Bhojpuri Dabanggs has convincingly defeated Punjab De Sher in their second match at CCL 6. They dominated the complete game, first with their bowling and then with their batting. While captain Tiwari's bowling helped them to restrict the Punjab to a decent total, Yadav and Sharma's batting performance ensured them an easy victory in the end. Their place in the semi-final is almost confirmed.

 Bhojpuri Dabanggs Runs Balls
 RP Yadav  c Hans b Rai  40 30 
M Tiwari   c Sandhu b Rai  9
A Sharrma   run out (Kharoud)  33 21 
U Tiwari  c Dhillon b Malhotra 12  12 
A Ojha  b Gill  21 19 
 Asgar  not out  11  9
 Nirahua  not out  9  5
 V Singh      
P Jais       
A Khan      
V Rai      
Extras  14
Bowling Card
Name Overs Dots Runs Wickets Economy
 H Sandhu  4  14  28  0  7.00
 J Gill 28  9.33 
 B Rai 3.3  37  10.57 
 S Sood 35  8.75 
 H Malhotra 19  6.33 

 Bhojpuri Dabanggs win the match by five wickets with 15 balls to spare.
By the end of 16th over, the Bhojpuri team has scored 134-4. They required 15 runs from 24 balls.
Ajjoy Sharma gone for 33 (21). Score: 126-4.
Bhojpuri Dabanggs has scored 123-3 in 14 overs.
After 13 overs, the Bhojpuri team has scored 114 for the loss of 3 wickets. 35 required from 42 balls.
11 runs come from 12th over. Score: 110-3. 39 required from 48 balls.
Eight runs come from 11th over. Bhojpuri Dabanggs are getting closer to the target. 99-3.
After 10 over, the Bhojpuri team has scored 91 runs for the loss of two wickets. They need 58 runs from 60 balls.
12 runs come in ninth over. Score: 80-2.
The Bhojpuri team loses its second wicket. 12 runs scored in eigth over. Score: 68/2.
After seven overs, Bhojpuri Dabanggs have scored 56 for the loss of one wicket.
Bhojpuri Dabanggs score 8 runs from fifth over. 41-0.
14 runs come from 4th over. Score: 33-0.
Only two runs come from the third over.
8 runs come from the second over. 17-0.
Tiwari and Yadav open the innings. They score nine runs from the first over.

First Innings Live Update:
Bhojpuri Dabanggs had complete control over the innings and restricted Punjab De Sher to 148 runs. In the last three overs, they gave away over 40 runs. Yet their bowlers dominated the game. Captain Tiwari lead from the front through his brilliant bowling. In his three overs, he took two wickets but only gave away four runs.

 Punjab De Sher Runs Balls
 B Rai b Tiwari   0
 G Chahal  c&b Asgar  28  36
 H Malhotra lbw b Tiwari 
 N Hans  c Nirahua b Ojha  35 43 
 H Sandhu  c Sharrma b Ojha  5
 S Sood  c Tiwari b Ojha  1  4
 B Riar  not out  13  11
 D Kharoud c Tiwari  b Khan   15  9
 J Gill not out   17  8
G Ghuggi      
B Dhillon      
Total: 148-7
Extras  34
Bowling Card
Name Overs Dots Runs Wickets Economy
 M Tiwari  3  15  4  2  1.33
 V Singh 11  21  7.00 
 P Jais 22  5.50 
RP Yadav  12  12.00 
A Khan  31  10.33 
Asgar  10  14  4.67 
A Ojha  27  9.00 

The Punjab team scores  runs from the last over to end their total at 148/7.
What an over it turned out to be for the Punjab team. 14 runs came from 19th over. Score: 133-7.
15 runs come from that over. Score: 119-7 in 18 overs.
The Punjab team loses its 7th wicket. Score: 108-7 in 17.2 overs.
After 17 overs, Punjab De Sher have scored 104 for the loss of six wickets.
Kharoud and Riar are in the crease.
One more wicket gone. Captain Sonu Sood goes for 1 (4). Score: 87/6.
Bhojpuri Dabanggs pick fifth wicket. Navraj Hans gone for 35 (43). Score: 87/5.
The Punjab team has scored 87 for the lose of four wickets.
Punjab De Sher loses its fourth wicket in the form of Sandhu. Score: 81/3 in 14 overs.
Chahal is out for 28 (36). Just two runs come from 13th over. Score: 74-3.
15 runs come from 12th over. Score: 72/2. Chahal 27 (33), Hans 27 (35).
After 10 over, the Punjab team has scored 52 for the loss of two wickets.
Six runs come from ninth over. Score: 51/2.
12 runs come from the eigth over. Score: 45/2. Chahal 22 (23), Hans 7 (21)
The Punjab team is scoring at 4.71 runs per over. Score: 33-2 in 7 overs.
10 runs come from sixth over. Score: 29/2. Chahal 16 (14), Hans 5 (18).
Punjab De Sher is not accelerating the run rate. Score: 19/2 in 5 overs.
Bhojpuri Dabanggs keep the match under their control. After four overs, Punjab De Sher have scored 17-2.
Score: 11-2 in 3 overs.
Hans is the new man in the crease. 10-2 in 2.1 overs.
Double blow in the first over for the Punjab team as Tiwari picks two wickets. Score: 3/2 in 1 over.
Babbal Rai and Gulzar Chahal open the innings. Manoj Tiwari begins the first over.
Punjab De Sher has won the toss and elected to bat first.

Punjab De Sher Squad:
Sonu Sood, Jimmy Shergil, Ayushmann Khurrana, Gurpreet Ghuggi, Binnu Dhillon, Jassi Gill, Rahul Dev, Gavie Chahal, Dev Kharoud, Gulzar Chahal, Babbal Rai, Mika Singh, Aryaman Sapru, Navraj Hans, Yuvraj Hans and Mukul Dev.

Bhojpuri Dabanggs squad:
Manoj Tiwari, Ravi Kishan, Dinesh Lal Yadav, Ram Pravesh Yadav, Uday Tiwari, Ajhoy Sharma, Vikranth SIngh, Aditya Ojha, Prakash Jais, Ayaz Khan, Shailesh Sinha, Vaibhav Rai, Asgar Rashid Khan, Vikas Singh, Akbar Naqvi, Gajender Pratap Dwivedi, Jay Prakash Yadav, Raj Chouhan, Pawan Singh, Bobby Singh, Pradeep Pandey and Yash Kumar.

A Sharrma