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Telugu Warriors, who had defeated Chennai Rhinos in the last season, will clash with the Kollywood team in Celebrity Cricket League 6. The match is being played at Nehru Stadium in Kochi on Sunday.

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In their first CCL 6 match, Telugu Warriors defeated Kerala Strikers by five wickets. After winning the toss, the Tollywood team decided to field first and restricted the Mollywood team to 148 runs. The target was comfortably reached with Sudhir Babu's 50-run contribution.

The situation is completely different for Chennai Rhinos, who lost to Karnataka Bulldozers without putting up a fight. It was almost a one-sided match. In order to keep their semi-final dreams alive, the Kollywood team, led by Arya, has to win this clash. Hence, this becomes a very important match for them.

The match starts at 2 pm and will be aired live on Sun TV and Gemini. Here, we bring to you the live score updates of the match:

Telugu Warriors beat Chennai Rhinos by 8 wickets. Sachin Joshi and Sudhir Babu's responsible innings helped the Tollywood team register their second win in the series. It also means that Chennai Rhinos is out of the tournament. 

 Telugu Warriors Runs Balls
 S Joshi c Bose b Shaam   72 54 
Prince  c Shaam b Ashok   13 12 
Babu  not out   70  39
Tej  not out   1
A Akkineni       
N Kishore       
R Raghu       
Total: 168-2
Extras  12
Bowling Card
Name Overs Dots Runs Wickets Economy
 Vikranth  2  5  15  0  7.50
 Ashok 34  11.33 
Shantanu  22  11.00 
Vishnu  10  23  5.75 
Shaam  1.3  21  14.00 
Sharan  18  9.00 
 Bose 19  9.50 
Kalaiyarasan 1 0 13 0 13.00

First Innings Live Update:Second Innings Live Update:
The Tollywood team has defeated the Kollywood team by 8 wickets with 15 balls to spare.

The Telugu team just requires 3 runs from 17 balls.
Joshi is out. His brilliant innings come to an end. He scored 72 from 54 balls.
Telugu Warriors need 16 runs from 24 balls.
The Tollywood team has scored 149-1 in 16 overs. Joshi 70 (51), Babu 55 (34).
After 15 overs, Telugu Warriors have scored 140-1.
Telugu Warriors are comfortably scoring the runs. 109-1 in 12 overs. 56 required from 48 balls.
The Tollywood team requires 57 from 50 balls. The target seems to  be achievable.
Telugu Warriors score: 104-1 in 11 overs. Joshi: 52 (35), Babu 29 (20).
Six runs come from 9th over. 82-1.
After eight over, Telugu Warriors are at 76-1.
Telugu Warriors have scored 70 for the loss of 1 wicket. They need 95 from 78 balls.
After six over, the Tollywood team are at 55-1.
The Telugu team loses its first wicket in the form of Prince 13 (12).
14 runs come from the fourth over for Chennai Rhinos. 40-0.
The Tollywood team score 9 runs from 3rd over. 26-0.
10 runs come crom 2nd over. Score: 17-0.
Telugu Warriors score 7 runs from the first over.
Prince and Joshi open the innings. Vikranth, who hit a century, will bowl the first over.

Chennai Rhinos has posted a decent score on board by scoring 164 for the loss of three wickets. The highlight of the innings is undoubtedly the batting played by Vikranth, who hit a magnificient century in 64 balls. Joshi and Samrat from Telugu Warriors were pick of the bowlers. 

 Chennai Rhinos Runs Balls
Ashok c Tej b Raghu 1 4
 Vikranth not out   100  64
 Vishnu c Prince b Samrat  16  118 
 Shantanu c Prince b   24  25
 Kalaiyarasan  not out  14  9
Total: 164-3
Extras  9
Bowling Card
Name Overs Dots Runs Wickets Economy
 R Raghu  11  25  1  8.33
 S Joshi 13  18  4.50 
 Prince 13  13.00 
 Samrat 11   23 5.75 
 Tarun  2 13  6.50 
 N Kishore  40 10.00 
 Ashwyn 28  14.00 

Chennai Rhinos squad:Chennai Rhinos end their innings by scoring 164-3 from 20 overs.
Vikranth scores century in 64 balls. 100 (64).

Chennai Rhinos score: 145/3. Vikranth: 91 (60), Kalaiyarasan: 5 (7).
Score: 134-3 in 18 overs.
Can Vikranth score a century? He is at 78 from 54 balls.
12 runs come from 17th over. Score: 125-3.
Shantanu is gone for 24 (25). CR Score: 112-3.
Shantanu-Vikranth's partnership crosses the 50-mark.
12 runs come from 15th over. 108-2.
After 14 overs,  Chennai Rhinos are at 96-2. Vikranth 62 (46), Shantanu 13 (16).
Vikranth need to stay till the end if Chennai Rhinos have to post a big total on board.
After 12 overs, Chennai Rhinos are at 84-2.
After 11 overs, Chennai Rhinos are at 75-2. Vikranth: 51 (38), Shantanu: 3 (6).
Vishnu departs for 16 (18). Catch taken at deep point. 60-2 in 8.1 overs.
4 runs come from 8th over. 60-1. Vikranth: 39 (27), Vishnu: 16 (17).
Eight runs come from 7th over. 56-1.
Chennai Rhinos has the momentum. 48-1 in 6 overs.
It's raining boundaries by Vikranth. 40-1 in 5 overs.
Vikranth is on fire. Hitting boundaries with ease. 26-1 in 4 overs.
After two over, Chennai Rhinos are at 4-1.
Raghu dismisses Ashok 1 (3). Score: 2-1 in 1 over. Vikranth is the new man into the crease.
Ashok and Vikranth are opening the innings. Raghu balls the first over.
Chennai Rhinos won the toss and elected to bat first.

Arya, Jeeva, Vishnu, Vikranth, Ramana, Prithvi, Shanthnu, Ashok, Balaji, Sharan, Sanjay, Bharath, Bose, Shaam, and Uday.

Telugu Warriors Squad:
Akhil Akkineni, Aadarsh, Nanda Kishore, Nikhil, Raghu, Sachin Joshi, Samrat, Srikanth, Taraka Ratna, Tarun, Vishwa, Prince, Sushanth, Dharam and Khayyum.