Mumbai Heroes vs Bengal Tigers
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Mumbai Heroes will take on Bengal Tigers in their second match of the Celebrity Cricket League (CCL) 6. The match will be played at Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Stadium, Ahmedabad, on Saturday, 30 January.

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In the opening match, Mumbai Heroes had defeated Punjab De Sher in a one-sided game. S Ahluwalia's solid innings backed by the responsible batting of captain Riteish Deshmukh, Sameer Kocchar and Raja Bherwani ensured that the team puts huge runs on the board.

Bowlers too did their job well with Bobby Deol and Sadanand picking up four wickets each. This helped the team win the match by 97 runs. On the other hand, Bengal Tigers had lost their first match by 68 runs to Bhojpuri Dabanggs without much fight.

So they will be putting their best efforts against Mumbai Heroes to register their first win in the series, whereas Mumbai Heroes will be confidently looking forward to win one more match, thereby getting one-step closer to the semi-final stage. Hence, it is a crucial match for both the teams.

The match begins at 2 pm and will be aired on Colours TV and Kolkata TV. Here, we bring to you live score updates of the match:

Bengal Tigers has convincingly defeated Mumbai Heroes in their second match by 32 runs. In fact, they completely outplayed the Bollywood team to register their first win in the tournament. Joy's magnificent innings of 64 runs played a crucial role in their victory for which he was presented the Man of the Match Award. In the bowling department, Vivek stole the show by picking four wickets.

 Mumbai Heroes Runs Balls
S Kocchar c Joy b Vivek 10 8
R Deshmukh c&b Vivek 3 6
R Bherwani c Uday b Vivek 1 4
A Shivdasani b Manty 5 9
S Saleem c Indrasish b Uday 2 6
J Bhanushali b Manty 9 18
I Sengupta b Uday 15 17
S Ahluwalia c Indrasish b Mohan 44 22
A Lakhia c RD b Mohan 27 12
V Badola not out 13 11
B Deol not out 6 7
Total: 144-9
Extras 9
Bowling Card
Name Overs Dots Runs Wickets Economy
Vivek 4 15 15 4 3.75
Manty 4 15 21 1 5.25
Uday 4 8 36 2 9.00
J Sengupta 4 8 37 0 9.25
Mohan 3 6 25 2 8.33
RD 1 2 10 0 10.00

Second Innings Live Updates:
Bengal Tigers won the match by 32 runs. Mumbai Heroes score: 144/9 in 20 overs.
8 runs come from that over. Score: 138/9 in 19 overs. 39 runs required from 6 balls.
Catch dropped. Score: 130/9 in 18 overs. 47 runs required from 12 balls.
Danger man Ahluwalia is gone. Score: 127/9 after 17.4 overs.
After 17 overs, Mumbai Heroes are at 118/8. Ahluwalia is the only hope for the Bollywood team. He is playing at 36 (19).
Lakhia is out. Score: 103/8. Mumbai Heroes require 74 runs from 26 balls.
Good over for Mumbai Heroes. They score 16 runs from that over. Lakhia hits two sixes in one over. Score: 101/7 in 15 overs.
After 14 overs, the Bollywood team is struggling at 85-7.
The match seems to have gone out of Mumbai Heroes hands. 94 required from 37 balls.
Two more wickets gone. Score: 55/6 in 11 overs.
Mumbai Heroes require 134 runs in 10 overs.
After nine over, Mumbai Heroes are at 39/5.
Sengupta and Bhanushali are rotating strikes. 36-5 after eight overs.
Bengal Tigers on fire, they pick one more. Saqib Saleem gone for 2(6). Score: 24/5.
Mumbai Heroes in deep trouble as they lose their fourth wicket in the form of Aftab Shivdasani. 24-4 in 5 overs.
Shivdasani and Saleem are in the crease. Score: 21-3 in 4 overs.
One more wicket gone. Raja Bherwani is out. 3 wickets in one over. 16-3 in 3 overs.
Both the openers gone. Sameer Kocchar is out. He was inform batsman and this is a big blow for the team. The Bengal team picks two wickets in one over. 16-2 in 2.5 overs.
Deshmukh gone. Mumbai Heroes: 14/1.
10 runs come from second over. Score: 14-0.
Deshmukh and Kocchar open the innings. Mumbai Heroes score 4 runs in first over.

1st Innings Live Updates:
After getting a flying start, Bengal Tigers struggled to keep up the mometum as wickets fell in regular intervals. This helped the Mumbai team to make a comeback to the match. At one point of time, the Bengal Tigers were scoring at 10+ run rate. 

 Bengal Tigers  Runs Balls
Joy run out (Saleem) 65 42
Indrasish B Bherwani 19 17
RD C Bherwani B Lakhia 8 4
J Sengupta C Bherwani B Ahluwalia 3 7
Yousuf not out 29 26
Sandy run out (Saleem) 37 25
S Banerjee
Total: 176
Extras 15
Bowling Card
Name Overs Dots Runs Wickets Economy
 R Deshmukh  2  5  21  10.50
B Deol  2.1  20  9.23 
R Bherwani  21  7.00 
S Saleem  31  10.33 
A Lakhia  11  17  4.25 
S Ahluwalia  39  9.75 
V Badola  1.5   16 8.73 

The Bengal team scores 176/5 in 20 overs. 
With one over to go, the total of Bengal Tigers stands at 169-4 in 19 overs. Sandy: 31 (21), Yousuf: 27 (24).
After 15 overs, BT have scored 121/4.
After 14 overs, Bengal Tigers have scored 113/4.
Now, Bengal Tiger loses 4th wicket. It's a run out. Joy goes for 64(42). 108-4 in 12.5 overs.
Bengal Tigers lose its fourth wicket. 97-4. The batsman refers to third umpire whether it was a no ball (height) and surprisingly the vedict comes in his favour. Well, it is not out. Score: 97/3.
Third wicket goes! Bengal Tigers loses Jisshu Sengupta for 3 (7). Mumbai Heroes make a great comeback to the game. 93/3 in 10.2 overs.
Second wicket goes. RD is gone for 8 (4). Score: 90-2.
After nine overs, Bengal Tigers have scored 90 for the loss of 1 wicket.
Bherwani picks the first wicket. Indrasish goes for 19 (17). Score: 81-1 in 8.2 overs.
4 runs scored in seventh over, 69-0 in 7 overs.
Off spinner Saleem is given the last over in powerplay. 12 runs come from sixth over. 65-0 in 6 overs.
10 runs come from fifth over. Joy 38 (22), Indrasish 9(8). Score: 53-0 in 5 overs.
Bengal Tigers are on fire. They score 13 runs from the fourth over. Score: 43/0 in 4 overs.
14 runs scored from Deshmukh's second over and three boundaries come from this over. Score: 30/0 in 3 overs.
Bobby Deol starts the second over. 9 runs comes from this over. Score: 16/0 in 2 overs.
The Bengal team scores 7 runs in first over.
Bengal Tigers won the toss and elected to bat first. Joy and Indrasish open the innings while Riteish Deshmukh bowls the first over.

Mumbai Heroes Squad:
Riteish Deshmukh, Bobby Deol, Aftab Shivdasani, Amit Purohit, Apoorva Lakhia, Armaan Kohli, Indraneil Sengupta, Jeetu Varma, Kabir Sadanand, Raja Bherwani, Rohit Roy, Samir Kochhar, Sangram Singh, Shabir Ahluwalia, Suniel Shetty, Varun Badola, Vatsal Sheth, Saqib Saleem, Rajneesh Duggal, Jay Bhanushali, Dino Morea, Manoje Biddvai and Sharad Kelkar.

Bengal Tigers squad:
Jisshu, Dev, Rahul, Amitabh, Joy, Suman, Uday, Vinaayak, SRV, Indrasish, Yousuf, Debraj, Raja, Mohan, Sandy and Saugata.