US presidential elections
A guest at an event called the U.S. Presidential Election Watch, organised by the U.S. Consulate, reaches for a badge from out of a hat displaying photographs of Republican candidate Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, in Sydney, Australia, November 9, 2016.Reuters

Donald Trump has become the 45th US President and celebrities cannot believe it. From actors to musicians, several Hollywood celebrities, who pledged massive support to Hillary Clinton, took to social media to express their sadness over the victory of Trump.

Here is what celebrities, including Khloe Kardashian, Chris Evans, Mandy Moore, Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande and others tweeted about the US election 2016 and their Trump.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson: I'm taking tonight to grieve for minorities, women, immigrants, muslims & the LGBTQ community but tomorrow I'm waking up ready to fight.

Shonda Rhimes: Um, America? Really, people? ANYONE can be President? ANYONE? ANY-ONE?

Chris Evans: This is an embarrassing night for America. We've let a hatemonger lead our great nation. We've let a bully set our course. I'm devastated.

Kristen Bell: Anyone wanna build a snowman?

Ariana Grande: Well this is utterly terrifying

Patton Oswalt: Congrats @CNN, @msncb, @FoxNews & all the b'cast etworks. You wanted a white-knuckle story. You got one. With a sad ending. #ElectionNight

Amanda Seyfried: Maybe this is rock bottom and there's no where to go but up.

Jessica Chastain: The positive element from all this is that we can no longer pretend that we are free of racism & sexism. The question is, what do we do now?

Mandy Moore: I am just absolutely beside myself right now. I can't believe the way this thing has turned. Trying to remain hopeful but geeez louise.

Minnie Driver: What the FUCK IS HAPPENING?? PLEASE, someone save the world ... Jon Snow? Oprah?? Mum? HELLLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPP.

Emilie de Ravin: I don't even know what to say. Depressed,sad,disgusted,angry & scared 4 my daughters future.4 the U.S & 4 the WORLDS future. #ElectionNight

Max Joseph: This is either a nightmare or the best episode of Black Mirror ever. #ElectionNight