In a bizarre incident, two youths have been caught stealing women's undergarments that had been put out to dry.

This incident was caught on camera and the two youths can be seen flicking off the undergarments from the clothesline and fleeing on their scooter.


The Sadar police have arrested the two -- Mohd Romin and Mohd Abdul -- who said that they stole undergarments 'just for fun'.

The police have booked Romin and Abdul under IPC sections 379 (theft) and 509 (gesture made to outrage modesty of a woman).

Panty chor: Outrage on Twitter 

One Sanjay Choudhary, had filed a complaint to the Sadar Bazaar police on March 14, saying he had recorded a video of two men stealing his minor daughter's underwear drying outside his house.

As the video landed on social media, it created a huge outpouring of anger and disbelief and many suspected that some occult practice was the motive behind stealing woman's lingerie.

As the news spread about lingerie thieves, #PantyChorAbdul started trending on Twitter. The hashtag, though looked astounding to many but after they got a whiff of such an incident, the microblogging site saw a wave of memes and GIFs.