CarryMinati has been the cause of much debate online. After his previous video YouTube versus TikTok, he set off a huge debate on free speech, on cyberbullying and the nature of YouTube and TikTok videos today. 

After a long silence and processing of all that's been going on around him, the youth social media star is back. And it looks like he hasn't quite moved on from the online backlash and his video being taken down. During his absence, TikTok went through some huge waves of criticism and Kunal Kamra released his own roast of the YouTuber. In his latest video, Carry has an answer for all those who didn't see eye to eye with him.


CarryMinati's latest video Yalgaar is a warning for all haters

CarryMinati has been subject to flak and support in equal measure lately. While you may hate him or like him, while you're on the Indian internet, you can't ignore him. The young YouTuber made one of his career's best and worst videos with YouTube versus TikTok. Even after his video was taken down, people couldn't stop talking about it.

CarryMinati had released an emotional statement on the matter, which received a lot of support. However, he went silent for a while, during which time many came forward to criticise him and the video. Moreover, Kunal Kamra made a video roasting the YouTuber, which became an issue in itself as CarryMinati fans dropped a record number of dislikes on the video.

The YouTuber, however, his back, and with something to say. He took to his channel to voice his opinion in a rap- Yalgaar which he produced with Wily Frenzy. The video shook the internet, as Carry angrily calls out his videos and discusses with a vengeance what he's gone through during this time. He even called out TikTokers for playing the victim card like Aamir Siddiqui and clubbed Kunal Kamra with 'snakes' on YouTube. 

He was vocal about YouTube taking down his video saying that that ate his earnings and that they didn't respect his hard work. However, controversial CarryMinati maybe he's using his voice. The video has garnered over 19M views already, so no one can debate that he's being heard.