Roasts are controversial in India, with a history of much back-firing, India's content creators don't seem to quit on it. Before another roast video is taken down, perhaps we can discuss it. 

CarryMinati became the centre of attention when he released his YouTube versus TikTok roast, which got taken down by YouTube. Now, Kunal Kamra the comedian whose humour doesn't always make people laugh has joined the chat. He released a video today schooling CarryMinati on what a roast is, by roasting him.  

Kunal Kamra and CarryMinati

Kunal Kamra challenges CarryMinati, schools him on roasts

CarryMinati stirred up controversy when he roasted TikTokers. The outrage led YouTube to take down his video and many came up to support Ajey Nagar over content and censorship. However, Kunal Kamra has a different take on the matter. 

Arguably one of India's most controversial albeit funny comedians, Kunal posted a video taking on CarryMinati and his many followers, 'Aaja Beta Carry Teko Roast Sikhaye' (Come Son Carry Let's Teach You Roast). Of course, some comedians would love to be taken under Kamra's wing, but some would definitely hesitate after a look at his track record. 

In the video, Kunal Kamra follows the format of a roast, by really going for it with some amazing one-liners and punchlines like the CarryMinat being an antonym for 'intellectual'. He pointed out that he swears a lot, he pointed out that he makes fun of poverty too much. Kunal says, "Carry you call yourself a comedian and I haven't heard a more offensive joke than that in my life." In the fashion of the Roast, he also said, "I had to consume your content to make jokes about you and roast you as I see fit also I think that's the highest point in your career, that I had to see your content. And that's also the lowest point in my career, that I had to see your content." 

Few would recover from all of it. He left with a thought, if the most popular video on YouTube was going to be a video on TikTok, then who's the real winner? Fans have already begun trending Kunal Kamra versus CarryMinati on Twitter, roasting both parties simultaneously. Moreover, CarryMinati fans have begun trolling Kunal Kamra for his roast asking him if he has learnt his lesson after he receives dislikes on his video. The conclusion of this faceoff? The internet is an unpredictable place and we're all guilty of partaking in the madness.