Cardi B
Cardi B shows off post baby body.Cardi B iamcardib/Instagram

Cardi B sure seems proud of her post-baby body. The rapper took to Instagram to show off her body in full. The video features Cardi B in nothing but her underwear flaunting her physique. She gave birth to her daughter Kulture in July.

She captioned the sensuous video: "The BEST f**kingggg black friday deal. If you spend you $$$ on ANYTHING it better be Teami. Thankful to be a #teamipartner and getting this momma bear bod right!!"

During the video, the songstress gushes about her baby and her body saying that she could have taken the easy way out and gotten liposuction but she didn't. She worked hard for her body. She also talks about baby Kulture by saying, 'She's just so exotic looking. She just like...I don't know. She don't even look like me. Then her eyes, they just so. Wow! They so big. And it's like, what the hell? I don't got big eyes and Daddy don't have big eyes... she looks like a doll.'

But it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows. Cardi B comes clean about her problems with her weight. Which has been a consistent theme in her recent Instagram posts. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight she said: "I'm actually very nervous because I hope that people like my collection. I know it's a little bit different and I know people was not expecting what I was gonna drop. So I hope it does good. I'm about to see so many people, so many celebrities, so it's like oh snappity, snap, snap! ... It feels really amazing [to have star support]"

But we have to say, her concerns seem unfounded because from what we can see, she looks gorgeous as ever.

You can watch the video here: