Kareena Kapoor Khan's latest pictures with son Jeh have come under heavy scrutiny. While Kareena has aced maternity and motherhood, there are many who still judge the actress.

Few pictures of Kareena with Jeh are now doing the rounds on social media. In the pictures, Kareena is seen holding Jeh and later, passing him on to the nanny. This hasn't gone down well with one section of netizens.

Kareena Kapoor, Jeh
Kareena Kapoor, JehInstagram

Trolls target Kareena

Kareena was spotted leaving her home as she kissed goodbye to her little son, Jehangir. Bebo was seen holding the baby before she left for work. However, one section of netizens felt she didn't know how to hold the baby. "She doesn't have any affection," wrote one user. "Same outfit please buy some loose comfy outfits for the poor baby," wrote another user.

"She doesn't even know how to hold child," opined one. "Can't you hold your own child?" asked another one. But, there was another set of social media users who couldn't get over Jeh's cuteness. "He is such a cute little ball of fur," wrote one. "Good looks run in the family," said another. "The cutest kid in the country," said one more user.

Kareena's take on motherhood

"I don't want to be like a helicopter mom. I want them to fall and learn because that's the way my mother taught me. My mother was like, do what you want, make your mistakes and then learn to repair them, because that's the way it works. So that's the way I am parenting both the boys. Jeh, of course, is small, but Tim is now much more aware. I am like if he does something wrong, you clear up your mess. That's the only way they learn," Bebo said in an interview with HT.