Kareena Kapoor Khan has landed in a legal soup. Barely a few days after Kareena announced her book – The pregnancy bible – a case has been lodged against her for hurting religious sentiments. A Christian group has objected to the use of the holy word - Bible - in Kareena's book's title. The police complaint has been filed in Maharashtra's Beed against her and two more.

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Alpha Omega Christian Mahasangh president Ashish Shinde reportedly lodged the complaint. The complainants claim that the use of the Holy Christian word - "Bible" - has hurt the sentiments of the Christian community. The book has been co-authored by Aditi Shah Bhimjani and published by Juggernaut Books.

Kareena had recently announced the book which would take expecting and new mothers through Kareena's pregnancy journey. The book also has diet charts, yoga asanas and many other helpful tips.

Kareena Kapoor announces

Kareena announces the book

Kareena Kapoor Khan had called the book her "third child". Announcing the book on social media, Kareena had written, "I can't believe that I actually agreed to write this book... but here it is. We all have our own unique experiences as expectant mothers, but there are some similarities and with this book, I'm sharing my experiences and learnings, and hope that in some way this will help you on your journey towards motherhood. Carrying both my babies has been the most special time in my life, and I am excited to share the moments and memories with you."

Kareena welcomed her second son – Jeh – in February this year. Kareena also shared an image of the book being tagged as the number 1 bestseller on Amazon.