Coronavirus pandemic has everyone worried and through personal hygiene, health experts suggest COVID-19 can be kept at bay. Washing hands thoroughly and regularly, maintaining social distancing, wearing masks are some of the best practices, but the internet is not without some bizarre suggestions. One such is that "constant sex kills coronavirus."

Ever since the screenshot of a news bulletin from CNN showed "constant sex kills coronavirus," netizens went crazy. For starters, there's no cure for the deadly viral infection and using sex to grab attention is an old trick in the book.

'Constant sex kills coronavirus'

Constant sex kills coronavirus : True or false
Constant sex kills coronavirus : True or falseTwitter

The screenshot of the CNN news bulletin shows US journalist Wold Blitzer and has the claim "constant sex kills coronavirus" running under Breaking News. At first glance, everything looks believable, but everything is in the details and the bizarre claim is also a major giveaway.

As amused as one might be with the claim, rapper 50 Cent decided to not let go of this opportunity to lighten the mood of his fans. He shared the screenshot on his Instagram handle last month with the caption, " "oh ok we gonna be alright, @youngma so live got ya b***h over there doing things. LOL. #abcforlife #THEKING #bransoncognac." Even those who didn't see the post until then got familiar with it after 50 Cent's boost. The post had to go viral, and it appears to have remerged.

The "constant sex kills coronavirus" post is back and intensely discussed in WhatsApp groups of various contacts. Even though, the post has been tagged as false on social media, people seems to be falling for it on WhatsApp and other messaging apps.

Coronavirus lockdown
Coronavirus lockdownPixabay

Is it true?

The viral CNN screenshot is fake and doctored and here's an explanation. The actual picture of Blitzer on CNN was used to add legitimacy. The font used to suggest the solution to kill coronavirus is the first hint. Just like any other claims like "Alcohol kills coronavirus" and "Dettol kills coronavirus," there's no scientific evidence to prove "constant sex kills coronavirus."

To those unaware, social distancing is essential and sex is a potential risk factor for contracting coronavirus rather than a cure.

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Constant sex kills coronavirus

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