From the developers of the immensely popular battle-royale game, PUBG, comes a shooter in collaboration with Activision. Call Of Duty: Mobile is a multiplayer game which takes elements from all over the franchise, including Call Of Duty: Black Ops and the original Modern Warfare series.

A closed beta for the game is now live in India and other regions, giving players an early preview of the game. Android and iOS users can now pre-register to gain access to the beta. "The first limited-scale closed Beta test began this week in India, and a regional Beta test will kick-off soon in Australia, with more territories coming online in the coming months," reads the latest post on the official Call Of Duty website.

Featuring the classic gunplay that the series is known for, COD: Mobile expands on the mobile shooter genre with its modes of play. It takes elements from COD: Black Ops' Blackout battle-royale mode and the PvE Zombies mode.

Call of Duty Mobile
Call of Duty MobileCall of Duty

The game was announced at GDC in March this year and is already live in select regions, including India. Those who have managed to get access to the game have posted gameplay videos. The footage shows smooth gameplay and impressive graphics in the style of the legacy Call Of Duty games. But we tested the game and had serious troubles logging in for the first time. There were some lags during the gameplay, but most of it was a smooth experience.

Call of Duty: Mobile allows players to customise their character with skins based on popular personalities from the game, including Captain Price. Further customisation options include scorestreak rewards (special items rewarded for scoring consecutive kills without dying), weapon skins and lobby creation.

Call of Duty Mobile
Call of Duty MobileGoogle Play Store screenshot

The interface is quite clustered, so if you're coming from PUBG Mobile then you will need some time to move around menus swiftly. We are currently testing the early build of the Call of Duty: Mobile, so stay tuned for our review.