The abrogation of Article 370 is viewed as one of the biggest achievements by BJP under PM Modi's leadership. Naturally, it is something BJP will use to its advantage in rallies and UP CM Yogi Adityanath did just that. During one of his speeches at a rally in Bihar, Adityanath bragged about the abrogation of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir and said that it is now possible to buy land anywhere in Kashmir - something that wasn't possible until now.

"Earlier, a person from this part of Bihar could not even think of owning property in Kashmir. The Congress had put such a system in place. But Narendra Modi and Amit Shah changed all that. Article 370 has been scrapped and the people now have a license to purchase and own property in any part of Kashmir," seer-politician said during the rally speech on Wednesday.

Yogi Adityanath
Yogi AdityanathIANS

Resistance towards Article 370 abrogation

The firebrand BJP leader's remarks came at a time when there has been vehement demands to ensure that jobs and property in Jammu and Kashmir be reserved for locals. The Congress party, although hasn't officially demanded restoration of the special status given to J&K all these years, it has resolutely stood for the cause.

"The Congress also resolutely stands for restoration of the status and rights of the people of J&K. The arbitrary and unconstitutional decisions of the Modi government of August 5, 2019 must be rescinded," Former finance minister P. Chidambaram had tweeted last week.

Repeal of Article 370, One Year On

"On 6th August 2019, the CWC adopted a resolution tracing the history since (the) accession of J&K to India and said Article 370 'deserved to be honoured until it was amended, after consultation with all sections of the people, and strictly in accordance with the Constitution of India'. The 4 August decisions of the Modi government were unilateral, unconstitutional and arbitrary, and hence must be reversed," Chidambaram told ThePrint.

But this statement, first from a Congress party member, drew reaction from Union Minister Amit Shah, who challenged Sonia and Rahul Gandhi to come clean on their stand on the Article 370 issue.