Budget 2017
Budget 2017Press Information Bureau

The annual exercise known as the Union Budget has always been a major source of opinion — on politics, business and other topics — before during and after its presentation. With the advent of social media, these opinions can now come as fast as they are formed.

Here is an effort by International Business Times, India, to collate these opinions and present them to our readers in real time: 

As had been expected from the get-go, politics over Union Budget 2017 has begun.


With Budget 2017 being presented right now, peole are focusing on various aspects of it.

This one is a parody account, by the way: 


People on Twitter are slamming Congress and its Lok Sabha leader Mallikarjun Kharge over demands that the Lok Sabha be adjourned and Budget postponed. 


Levity seems to be a common refrain as the presentation of Budget 2017 starts.


One of the first things about Budget 2017 — as February 1 dawned — was uncertainty, because sitting MP and former Union minister E Ahamed had died at 2.15 am on Wednesday. He had suffered a cardiac arrest in the Parliament House on Tuesday.

As it became clear that the government was going ahead with the Budget presentation, leaders from Opposition parties started protesting.