BS Yeddyurappa and Siddaramaiah
BS Yeddyurappa and SiddaramaiahCollage of photos taken from Twitter and Facebook

BJP's chief ministerial candidate BS Yeddyurappa accused Chief Minister Siddaramaiah (Siddaramayya) of falsely claiming that the Congress government under his rule was responsible for making Karnataka the top state in the country.

During his campaigns, Siddaramaiah allegedly claimed that he has lived up to the promise he made during the last Karnataka assembly elections, adding that it was his hard work and honesty that made Karnataka the top state in investments, innovation and progressive policies. He took to Twitter on Thursday to make the same claim.

Hours after his post, BS Yeddyurappa took to Twitter to launch an attack on the chief minister, stating that his claim was false. In a series of tweets, the former CM wrote that Karnataka was in no 1 position, in IT/BT exports and silk production even before Congress came to power in 2013. He also added that it was the BJP government that had passed the Animation VFX Gaming Comics Policy, six years ago. He also added that the investment realization was one of the lowest in the country in 2017.

Here is what BS Yeddyurappa had to say on Twitter, launching an attack on Siddaramaiah:

I have come across several advertisements of @siddaramaiah claiming that his govt is the #1 in the country for adopting several policy measures. A closer look however, is reflecting otherwise.

The BJP Govt passed the Animation VFX Gaming Comics Policy in 2012, which @Siddaramaiah claims as his own. Karnataka was the first State to have such a blueprint & it was acknowledged by Andhra Pradesh when it came up with similar policy in 2013.

Karnataka has been the #1 state in IT/BT exports & #1 in silk production way before than 2013. It doesn't befit CM @siddaramaiah to lay claim for this. Rather, shower this credit on the youth & farmers whose fruits of labour has put our State on the global map.

Although Karnataka was a favoured destination for Investments, @siddaramaiah wasn't active enough in translating this into reality. Investment realisation was just 27% in 2017, which was one of the lowest in the country. Karnataka had to suffer due to his lethargy.

My honest appeal to @siddaramaiah. Please don't make false claims regarding Karnataka, because when this is caught, it truly hurts Karnataka's asmithe. #SarkaraBadalisiBJPGellisi

Our campaign was based on my party's positive approach in outlining achievements of @narendramodi ji's govt at Centre & BJP's previous govt in K'taka. Unlike Congress we didn't indulge in false, negative & divisive campaign. Development for all shall continue to remain our core.