On Friday (June 19) morning, a family of 6 was found dead in their flat. A family of two brothers and 4 children had gone out for an outing and upon returning were found dead in their family-owned apartment the Gujarat Police said.

The two brothers had both taken their children for an outing, after telling their wives they were going out. The 6 were then suspiciously found dead in their family apartment, the Gujarat Police said. 

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Two brothers take children for an outing

6 members of a family in Gujarat were found dead in their apartment after going out with their children. The 6 bodies were discovered in their unoccupied family apartment in GIDC locality, Ahmedabad. 

The Gujarat Police revealed that the brothers 42-year-old Amrish Patel and 40-year-old Gurang Patel were living in different localities, on June 17th they left their homes with their children — 9-year-old Kriti and 7-year-old Sanvi and two 12-year-old boys Mayur and Dhruv, informing their wives they were going for an outing.

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The wives had visited their unoccupied flat when the two failed to return. They had contacted the police when they couldn't get into the flat which had been locked from the inside. The inspector Gohil said about the case that the police suspects that the two fathers had laced their children's food with sedatives after which they hung themselves from the ceiling. 

All six were found hanging in different rooms of the house, the brothers were found in the drawing-room, the girls were hung in the kitchen and the two young boys in the bedroom. All the bodies have been sent for forensic tests and the investigation continues. More details regarding the case are still awaited.