The Central Crime Branch office in Bengaluru has been sealed till Sunday, June 14, following suspect testing positive for the novel coronavirus pandemic. The office was sealed on Friday for sanitisation while the employees working there were put under quarantine.

Bengaluru has been witnessing a rise in Covid-positive cases so far. Now, a suspect in an Ola Cheating case at the Central Crime Branch has tested positive for the deadly virus. This comes after a sub-inspector at the Shankarapuram police station tested positive for the virus, while on leave. 

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Bengaluru Crime Branch shut

The Covid positive suspect in an Ola Cheating Case was one of four, who swindled the company of lakhs in rupees misusing the technology. The suspects were called for interrogation and one of them tested positive for coronavirus. A concern is that the office is centrally located in the city on Infantry Road. 

Bengaluru police extends support to the needy
Bengaluru police extends support to the needy Deccan Herald

Following the suspect testing positive, 22 policemen working at the office were put under institutional quarantine and will take the mandatory COVID test after 5 days, as per normal protocol. The branch can hold up to 10 in the lockup, the suspects are held in the lock-up till their produced in court, once their judicial custody is ordered, they are moved to a larger prison. 

This comes soon after a Sub-inspector at the Shankarapuram police station in Bengaluru tested positive for the virus. The station was sealed and sanitized as 7 officers were sent into institutional quarantine and 11 were put under home quarantine. The sub-inspector was on leave for his wedding.