The premiere for "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" season 3 is just a week away, and while we have heard some rumours and speculations about the precinct's new captain and the future of Jake and Amy's relationship, we do not know much about the other lead characters. Rosa, for example was in a committed relationship with Captain Holt's nephew Marcus in season 2; is that still going strong?

Melissa Fumero who plays Amy Santiago, in a recent interview with the Huffington Post, revealed that in season 2, Nick Cannnon will be returning as Marcus. Although Marcus has nothing to do with the precinct, he is a beloved character, because he is the first person to really inspire any romantic feelings in Rosa.

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Although Rosa is not one to open up about her true feelings or share her emotions, she did admit to Marcus that she loves him at the "Boyle-Linetti Wedding" which occurred in season 2 episode 17. We have also seen him as being more understanding of the two, making romantic gestures that are tailor-made for her; taking Boyle's (Joe Lo Truglio) help in planning a surprise birthday party for her.

In season 3, we are expecting to see the couple take a serious commitment and take their relationship forward. Seeing her friends Jake (Andy Samberg) and Amy try their hand at being a couple, Rosa might be more appreciative of Marcus.

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Fans are hoping to see a ring on the detective's fingers as they have been dating for a long time, and like Rosa once said to Charles, she never dates good men, always settling for the douche bags. Marcus is definitely an exception and we would love to see them take the long haul.

Meanwhile, we know that our favourite couple Jake and Amy are actually going to give their relationship a go. In the premiere episode we will even see them planning a date night, which almost gets busted by Boyle. 

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