Season 3 of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" is just two weeks away, and we are getting more and more scoops about the Fox show before its premiere on Sunday, 27 September. In a new premiere for the upcoming season, it has been revealed that Jake will be meeting his old Captain, Ray Holt secretly; but for what?

We do know that Captain Holt (Andre Braugher) was forcefully promoted from the 99 Precinct to the PR department by her arch-nemesis Madeline Wuntch (Kyra Sedwick). From some previous reports, we also know that the new captain, Seth Dozerman, played by "SNL" alum Bill Hader does not really fit in with the 99 crew. So, the ever-intrusive Jake (Andy Samberg) is trying to fix everything.

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Jake definitely misses the captain, who was sort of a father-figure for him. He has even accidentally called Captain Holt Dad, and is not dealing with his departure very well, because it is bringing back painful memories from the past, when his own father left him.

In the promo, Holt and Jake are seen in a car, wherein the Captain schools Jake on keeping his desk clean. He shows the young detective two photos, one of which he claims is a garbage disposal and other Jake's desk, and he asks him which is which. When Jake chooses one, Holt reveals that both are photos of his desk.

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While the conversation is adorable and shows the great relationship the duo has, what is more important is why they are meeting in civilian clothes, in a car, in an abandoned ally. There is only one explanation for this, which is that the two detectives are looking for ways to get Dozerman out of 99 and Holt in to it.

Seeing as it is Madeline is the reason for the entire hullabaloo, this may also be round two for Hold vs Wuntch. Everyone in the precinct wants Holt back, and they will go to any length to make it a reality; even cross the deputy chief.

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