The much-awaited season 3 premiere of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" will be aired by Fox on Sunday, 27 September. Kicking off from exactly where season 2 left it, the new season will provide answers to two big questions – how will the precinct and Captain Holt fare without the other, and more importantly what lays ahead for Jake and Amy?

For Captain Holt (Andrew Braugher), the new office is nothing less than a hell-hole that his mortal enemy Madeline (Kyra Sedwick) has trapped him in. In the one of the earlier scenes from season 3 episode 1 we see Madeline rubbing salt in the wound by taking it upon herself to introduce Holt to his new team and revelling in Holt's despair.

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Meanwhile Jake (Andy Samberg) and Amy (Melissa Fumero) try to date each other, and it is not easy. Not only is their history as friends and co-workers too important for them to risk losing, with the arrival of the new captain their work dynamic is completely off-balance. Therefore, in the initial episodes of season 3, we will see Jake and Amy try to date discretely, setting a bunch of rules to ensure that it will not affect their work.

Rosa (Stephanie Beatriz) is still dating Marcus (Nick Cannon) and we see her, for the first time, in a loving, long-lasting relationship, which is new territory for her. Meanwhile, Jake's best friend Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio) is expected to have quite a lot of lady friends this season, and might even meet his soul-mate in Mary Lynn Rajskub of "24" fame.

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The gang's most committed member Terry (Terry Crews) is going to a father again; this time to a boy. Finally to the best bromance of the B-99 precinct, Hitchcock (Dirk Blocker) and Scully (Joel McKinnon Miller), who it seems like, are not each other's best friends anymore. How this break-up affects the precinct needs to be waited and watched.

Catch season 3 premiere of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" at 8.30 p (EST) on Sunday, 27 September. You can also live stream "New Captain" via Fox Now.