Bride Of The Water God, the tvN romantic fantasy drama also known as The Bride of Habaek, will be back with episode 3 next Monday, July 10 at 10.50pm KST. The upcoming chapter will probably focus on the love triangle between neuropsychiatrist So Ah, water god Ha Baek and CEO Hoo Ye.

The female lead never believed anything that Nam Joo Hyuk's character told her. She always considered him a mental patient who needs immediate medical attention. But the neuropsychiatrist was really thankful to him when he helped her in saving a patient's life.

On the other end, the title character sees the CEO as an annoying businessman who is very proud of his wealth and power. She accidentally meets him every time when she is in trouble and tries to ignore him as much as possible.

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Bride Of The Water God
Poster of Bride Of The Water God.Facebook/tvN

However, Hoo Ye is always sympathetic towards So Ah and sees her as a woman who is struggling to make a living. Although Lim Ju Hwan's character is willing to help the neuropsychiatrist in many ways, he does not want to tell her about it.

Several new characters were also introduced in episode 2 of the Korean period drama. One of them is from water world and he is really happy to know that Ha Baek lost all his powers after coming to earth.

Watch the trailer below:

The promo for episode 3 shows the water god ruling around and giving orders to the female lead. He also confronts Hoo Ye and asks, "Why are you following my woman around?" Ha Baek even gets angry with someone and says, "Did that foolish human play around with me? Don't you dare test me?"

Bride Of The Water God
Nam Joo Hyuk received criticisms for his performance in Bride Of The Water God.tvN

Meanwhile, Nam Joo Hyuk has received a lot of criticism from the Korean drama lovers for his performance in the tvN drama. While some of the netizens described his acting as "awful", a few others stated that it's horrible.

Check out some of the viewers' comments about Nam Joo Hyuk below:

Nam Joo Hyuk's acting is just plain bad... please don't take the viewers for fools

I was watching this with my dad yesterday and he said "does this kid call this acting"

Nam Joo Hyuk's acting is so bad. How did he land a lead with those skills

I wonder if he himself knows... that his acting doesn't match and that he's so awkward

Nam Joo Hyuk's horrible acting