Bride Of The Water God
Shin Se Kyung as So Ah and Nam Joo Hyuk as Ha Baek in Bride Of The Water God.Twitter/tvN

The tvN fictional drama Bride Of The Water God, also known as The Bride of Habaek, has opened to mixed reviews. The show will be back with episode 2 this Tuesday, July 4, at 10 pm KST.

The Korean period drama, starring Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo star Nam Joo Hyuk and f (x) member Krystal Jung, focused on the various challenges faced by the water god in episode 1. The premiere episode also featured the struggles of neuropsychiatrist So Ah, portrayed by actress Shin Se Kyung.

While Uncontrollably Fond actor Lim Ju Hwan actor made a guest appearance in the mini-series as the CEO of a resort, Drinking Solo star Gong Myung is yet to appear onscreen as the wind god Bi Ryum.

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Episode 2 of the fictional drama will probably focus on the blossoming romance between the onscreen couple. The promo shows Habaek telling his assistant, "She sneakily pinched my heart as she entered."

The footage also hints at troubled moments for the female lead as it shows her falling down from a bridge and the water god trying to save her. Shortly before the accident, Nam Joo Hyuk's character gives a warning to her. "If you don't expect it, you will suffer everything," he says.

Meanwhile, the Korean drama lovers found the show funny and worth watching, but they feel that it failed to meet their expectations.

Check out some of the viewers' comments about the show below:

Tough Cookie

WOW i really totally didn't expect this to be this good


I really like this. It may be insane and doesn't make sense but i like it

bethapuri sree deeksha

i really cant wait for the next one.... loved it...

Faizul Anwar

how could they make something this lame after goblin :( I had more expectations.


i was expecting wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more but i still like it

Watch the trailer of Bride Of The Water God episode 2 below: