The novel coronavirus has made everyone's life come to a standstill. While most of us are safe under self-isolation, it is the Moranis who are bearing the brunt of this deadly virus. The family is going through the darkest phase in their life. After producer Karim Morani's daughters, Zoa and Shaza were tested positive, it's now Karim Morani who has got infected with COVID-19.

Yes, it's shocking and how!  Read on:

Karim Morani

How did Karim test positive for COVID 19?

On Wednesday, Bollywood producer Karim Morani also tested positive for Coronavirus. His brother Mohomed Morani has confirmed the news to a leading news agency and said, Yes, we have been anticipating this as he was with his daughter, he is now tested positive for coronavirus and has been shifted to Nanavati hospital.

Shah Rukh Khan's friend Karim Morani accused of rape
Shah Rukh Khan's friend Karim Morani accused of rapeFacebook/STRDEL/AFP/Getty

Daughters Zoa and Shaza are already admitted

Shaza and Zoa Morani

 Currently, Zoa is admitted to Kokilaben Ambani Hospital in Mumbai, while sister Shaza is in Nanavati Hospital. They are currently placed in the isolation ward and getting the required treatment. Zoa had confirmed herself to be positive for coronavirus infection.

Travel history

Shaza and Zoa Morani

Karim Morani's daughter Shaza had returned from Sri Lanka before the nationwide lockdown was announced. In an exclusive interaction with India TV, Karim Morani had earlier said "It is true Shaza has been found to be coronavirus positive but she has no symptoms. We have admitted her to Nanavati hospital at the moment".

Soon after Shaza tested positive for coronavirus, the other members of the family were tested. Sister Zoa's first test came negative despite having symptoms, however later, during the second test, her reports also came out to be positive.

Karim Morani's residence sealed

At present Karim Morani and Shaza Morani are being treated in the same hospital but in separate wards.

Here's hoping, the family gets fit and fine soon.