Merely four days after a senior police officer was shot dead in a drive-by shooting, the Islamic State (Isis) on Sunday morning gunned down another officer in Sinai region.

General Ahmed Abdel Satar was shot dead in El Arish, the provincial capital of north Sinai region, AFP reported.

On 16 September, suspected Isis gunmen had killed senior police officer General Khaled Kamal Osman in yet another drive-by shooting in Sinai. Egyptian news website - Ahram Online noted that this was the second high-profile assassination in the north part of the peninsula in less than a week.

In recent months, Isis in Sinai province has brazenly killed dozens of Egyptian police and army officials. In August, the Islamic State in Sinai even released a photo report showing its men shooting dead two Egyptian police officers in broad daylight. 

Egypt, which has formed a special tactical unit comprising of personnel from both police and army, last week launched a large scale offencive to counter Isis in Sinai region, which is now an Isis stronghold.

The Egyptian security forces have claimed that in the anti- Isis operation - Martyr's Right, it has killed over 370 Islamic State terrorists.