The Islamic State (Isis) terrorists have posted a series of photographs showings their associates killing two Egyptian policemen in broad daylight.

AFP reported citing Egyptian interior ministry that the two policemen, who were in civil clothes, were shot dead by the Isis on Wednesday. In the attack, which took place in Al-Arish, the capital of North Sinai province, the motorcycle-borne Isis fighters fired on the policemen using AK-47 rifles. At least two gunmen were involved in the attack, it has emerged.

Following the killing, the Isis released a pictorial report, which captures the final moment when the Egyptian policemen were shot dead by the Sunni terror group.

The two policemen can be seen walking the streets of Al-Arish when they were accosted by the gunmen. They can be seen screaming out as the gunmen start shooting with the Kalashnikovs.

Later images show the two men lying dead. The Isis also posted the images of their walkie-talkie and pistols to confirm that the two men were indeed police officers.

The Sinai region has turned into an Isis stronghold. The Isis has repeatedly targeted the Egyptian policemen and soldiers since the military removed Islamist president Mohammad Morsi two years ago.

The attack, it is claimed, was in response to a crackdown launched by the government.