Aryan Khan's interim bail plea has been rejected by the Magistrate court. The court called Aryan Khan's bail plea "non maintainable". Aryan will be lodged at Arthur Road Jail. The Starkid and seven others arrested with him underwent an RT-PCR test yesterday. They would be kept in quarantine cell before being moved to the general barracks. The day also marks Aryan's mother, Gauri Khan's birthday.

Aryan Khan
Aryan Khan

Bail denied

As per a TOI report, ASG Singh argued owing to the accused's influential background, there might be evidence tampering. He further stated that this is not an isolated case and any sort of protection in the nature of bail would hamper the investigation.

"I am not saying Offence is bailable. Bailable or not. Assuming they are non-bailable, my submission has been based on all judgments. The day milord grant judicial custody, the prosecution cannot say you are not regular court for bail or go to the special court," Aryan Khan's lawyer, Manshinde said.

Aryan Khan
Aryan KhanYouTube

The ASG mentioned Armaan Kohli's arrest and added how Aryan couldn't be granted bail on the same grounds. "This supports what your honour has held in Armaan Kohli's judgment. Armaan Kohli's bail application was refused on the ground that he is arrested in a case with other accused who have larger quantities even though he does not have."

Both sides argue

"Nothing has been found. Not a single ounce was found with me and so should be granted bail. This interrogation, confrontation can take place even if I am out on bail," Satish Manshinde had reasoned. "Everyone argued as if we are opposing their right to claim bail. I am opposing the right to claim bail in this court.I again submit that this application either is for regular bail or interim bail is not maintainable before this court," ASG Anil Singh representing NCB said.