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Director Prabhakar Podakandla's Telugu movie Brand Babu, starring Sumanth Shailendra, Murli Sharma and Eesha Rebba, has received positive reviews and ratings from the audience.

Brand Babu is a romantic comedy movie that is about a brand-conscious family. Director Maruti Dasari, who is known for his youth-centric entertaining movies, has written the story for the film, which has been produced by Shailendra Babu. The movie has received a U certificate from the censor board and its runtime is 2.24 hours.

Brand Babu movie story: Diamond Babu (Sumanth Shailendra) is the only son of a rich businessman (Murali Sharma) and his family is obsessed with luxury brands. His obsession leads him to date home minister's daughter (Poojitha Ponnada), but the twist in the tale is that he ends up falling in love with maid (Eesha Rebba) in the home minister's house. What happens next forms the crux of the story.

The viewers, who watched it, have said that it is a brilliant script akin to a roller-coaster ride. Murli Sharma and Sumanth Shailendra's hilarious performances along with Eesha Rebba's glamour are the highlights of the movie. Here is Brand Babu's review by celebrities and critics.

Brand Babu movie review live updates: We bring you the viewers' reaction on the film shared on Twitter. Continue to see audience's response.

Mohan Indraganti‏ @mokris_1772

#BrandBabu is a true rib ticklerVery typical Maruthi satire with funny over the top characterization and some hilarious slap-stick moments@YoursEesha shines with effortless grace and Murali Sharma is delightful!! Debutant Sumanth Sailendra is promising. to the team.

Ravi Kiran‏ @Ravikrn36

@YoursEesha #EeshaRebba, delivered a settled performance in the role of a lower-middle-class person. Her ease of acting is a major asset to the movie. #BrandBabu also a #superhit movie review 3.25/5

Survi‏ @PavanSurvi

The major issue with trying to emulate same formula, again and again, is that even writer gets bored of his own formula and makes a lethargic film. #BrandBabu

Rajasekhar‏ @sekharcherry49

#Brandbabu first half provides good Entertaimnet especially 15 mins before interval is hilarious laugh riot @DirectorMaruthi gives a good script @ParkyPrabhakar handles well @YoursEesha & @murlisharma72 once again excelled in their roles #Brandbabu Top class performance by very natural acting by My Angel eye feest acting long time @YoursEesha & top acting by sir @murlisharma72 once again excelled i #Brandbabu wt a performance by My Angel Seriously your the best of this film Long career in future @YoursEesha

B Mohan Kishore‏ @bkishore_kv

Just Saw #BrandBabu @YoursEesha Ur performance Are Good to your careers mostly i am So much like thats i saw in first in the Month

Daya pspk‏ @DayakarYadav3

#Brandbabu గుడ్ Entertaimnet with @DirectorMaruthi gives a good script @ParkyPrabhakar handles well @YoursEesha @murlisharma72 rocking the show @blockbuster hitttttytty


#BrandBabu- Falls below the expectations, one more predictable writings from Maruthi. Good first half, dragged second half. Murali Sharma and Vennela Kishore delivered the best but screenplay and direction made it a boring watch - 2.25/5

Karthik‏ @HeIsKARTHIK

#BrandBabu - (1.5/5) Irritating Babu to Audience. Though the movie starts off good till the interval, the 2nd half Especially, the Climax makes a nausea. Except for Production values, everything lacks noteworthy. In all, Another failed execution from Maruthi resulting a FLOP..!

Rayarao Sriram‏ @rayaraosreeram

You are a brilliant performer sir @murlisharma72 . Irrespective of everything, your presence in any movie is surely a positive thing! Liked you in the movie #BrandBabu even in the song

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Cinema Radar‏ @cinema_radar

#BrandBabu Movie Review - Bland Babu Lead Actors Performance, Some Comedy scenes, Production values, Weak Screenplay, Second half is Irritating, Weak Comedy, Direction Overall #BrandBabu tests patience With Weak Execution - 2.25/5 #BrandBabu

Actor Suresh‏ @ActorMeesam

#BrandBabu premier show just now completed in prsads imax congratulations entire team superb movie out and out comedy and family entertainment    @murlisharma72 @DirectorMaruthi @ParkyPrabhakar

SKN‏ @SKNonline

#Brandbabu first half provides good Entertaimnet especially 15 mins before interval is hilarious laugh riot @DirectorMaruthi gives a good script @ParkyPrabhakar handles well @YoursEesha & @murlisharma72 once again excelled in their roles

Karthik Mca‏ @NameisKarthik01

First Half Completed Super Entertainment Comedy Peaks Exspealily @murlisharma72 Sir Gari Acting Oka Range Lo undi  Hero Kuda Baga Chesadu @sumanth9111 Super Bayya  #BrandBabu #BrandBabuPerimierShow

Ahmed Jani Shaik™‏ @offl_aadhf

Seen #BrandBabu Premier Show today with @NameisKarthik01 My Point of View: Superb Story & Well Directed by #PrabakarGaru & Good Writings of @DirectorMaruthi Extraordinary Acting By Introduction Actor @sumanth9111 & Career Best Acting By My Guruji @murlisharma72 @murlisharma72 Guruji, Hilarious Comedy By You Sir.. Your Career Best Acting In #BrandBabu Just Because Of You I Seen this Movie ❤❤ My Prediction : Blockbuster Movie.  I'm Impressed with @sumanth9111 Bro. I Have an Apt Story For You. Are You Interested to Listen My Story...  If You Want Listen My Story Please Replay Me...❤❤❤ Dear @murlisharma72 Guruji Your Great Acting Skills are Really Fantastic..❤ I think You Made us to Laugh Continuesly by Your Hilarious Comedy Timing.. ❤ Love You Guruji For Such an Hilarious Mve. #BrandBabu #BrandBabuOnAug3rd

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Viswanath‏ @viswanath_vis

#BrandBabu is good for only 2 reasons: 1. To teach the correct pronunciation of some brands. 2. To teach how NOT to make a movie. After one dozen characters use the word 'brand' 1583058456 times in #BrandBabu , you will never want to hear the word for the rest of your life.