Mahika Sharma and Veena Malik
Mahika Sharma and Veena MalikInstagram

Mahika Sharma slammed Pakistani actress Veena Malik for making insulting comments on Indians and mocking India's Chandrayaan 2 mission.

Veena, who was a part of Bigg Boss 4 and rose to fame with Indian shows, made multiple tweets, ridiculing India and the recent Chandrayaan 2 mission. Lambasting Veena, Mahika called her "brainless" and "another Rakhi Sawant from Pakistan".

"Veena Malik is a brainless personality. She is another Rakhi Sawant from Pakistan. And such kind of individuals in their country are putting down the name of their nation. If she is slamming India, she is taking out her frustration that they can't even set a mission. They are totally dependent on China, who can soon rule over them. And they will be helpless," she said in a statement.

Mahika further targeted Veena for her apparent ungratefulness. "Veena should remember her video which she made for her swayamvar was in India. In the video, she spoke about how India helped her to get money, fame. She also accepted the fact that India gave her freedom. And now it's like Hamari Billi Humko Meaw," she added.

While efforts are being made to establish communication with Vikram Lander, which has been located by the orbiter of Chandrayaan 2, Mahika said that she is going to perform some rituals in order to make "Chandra devta" happy.

"I am planning to perform yagya and worship lord Chandra (moon) to help and protect Lander Vikram and help ISRO to get in contact with it. Some priest told me that Chandra devta is unhappy because we don't have his temple on earth like we have sun temple. So, I will perform yagya n later if moon god helps us, I will personally go to Modi ji and ask him to make a moon temple too". She added.