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India's Brahmos supersonic cruise missiles, mounted on a truck. [Representational image]Reuters

Indian Navy successfully undertook the firing of BrahMos Land Attack Supersonic Cruise Missile from a ship today in New Delhi.

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This variant of Long Range BrahMos Missile was fired from Indian Naval Ship Teg, a Guided Missile Frigate, on a target on land. BrahMos Missile has been jointly developed by India and Russia and its Anti Ship variant has already been inducted into the Indian Navy.

Majority of the frontline ships of Indian Navy, like the Kolkata, Ranvir and Teg classes of ships, are capable of firing this missile. Land Attack variant of BrahMos Missile provides Indian Naval Ships the capability to precisely neutralise selected targets deep inland, far away from coast, from stand-off ranges at sea.

"Land attack version of BrahMos supersonic cruise missile was fired for the first time from an Indian Navy's stealth frigate, off the eastern coast, at a land target. So, far only anti-ship version of BrahMos had been fired by Indian Navy," a source in the defence ministry told Hindustan Times.

The BrahMos missile, with a range of 290 km and a Mach 2.8 speed, is capable of being launched from land, sea and sub-sea pads against sea and land targets.

This successful maiden firing of BrahMos Land Attack Supersonic Cruise Missile has significantly enhanced Indian Navy's prowess and has placed India into the club of a select few nations.

India is reportedly also developing 450 km and 800 km range BrahMos missiles and an air launched version, which is designed to be delivered from Su-30 jets. The project is reportedly in the development phase.

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