Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt seems to be not happy with the recent buzz about his reunion with former lover Jennifer Aniston.Reuters

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have separated, and they seem to be moving on. But it looks like Brad Pitt wants to be more cautious moving forward when it comes to dating new people.

Reportedly Brad Pitt is looking out for his kids first and foremost when considering new people to date after his divorce with Angelina Jolie, a source close to the actor told HollywoodLife exclusively.

Brad Pitt, is now a single man and though he wants to move on, he might be looking into his past relationships for some insight to help him move forward. A source close to the actor has exclusively revealed to HollywoodLife that one priority for Brad right now is privacy. "Brad's more protective of his privacy than he's ever been and part of the reason is just for himself – what he went through after he split with Angelina Jolie was brutal and it has taken him a lot of time to recover," the insider said. 

Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie
Brad Pitt and Angelina JolieReuters

The source also added that Brad is in a great place and he realized how much he values his privacy. Brad Pitt's separation from Angelina Jolie was not an easy process. And one of the things that apparently saddened Brad Pitt was how Angelina Jolie paraded their kids in the public eye. Another reason that Brad Pitt seems to be taking things slow is his kids. 

The source continued, "But the bigger reason is his kids, he feels that the less that's out there (in the media) about his private life, or about them, the better. Nothing is more important to him than his kids and what he feels is best for them."

Brad Pitt may begin dating soon, but it looks like he is in no rush to jump into the dating scene or a relationship. The actor will appear in the movie "Once Upon a Time in the West" alongside Leonardo DiCaprio.