Floyd Mayweather
Floyd Mayweather (L) and Manny Pacquiao (R) fought during the 'fight of the century' in May.Reuters

Manny Pacquiao, who is set to hang his gloves after his farewell fight in April, is yet to finalise his opponent for his last bout, but he did suggest negotiations are on for a possible rematch against Floyd Mayweather.

A number of names have been doing the rounds ever since Top Rank promoter Bob Arum confirmed about his retirement. As of now, Amir Khan and Terence Crawford are considered in the reckoning as Pacquiao's opponent.

Khan, who had come close to a bout against Mayweather and Pacquaio in the past, was regarded the biggest contender for the American's farewell fight. However, Mayweather decided to fight Andre Berto, after which the UK boxer has shifted focus to Pacquaio; the match could still happen and both the boxers could make mega bucks. More than the money, it is the pride that will be at stake for the boxers.

A Pacquiao-Khan bout seems mouth-watering as both the boxers are aggressive and swift movers, which can make the fight even more interesting. There were suggestions that the fight between the two could take place next year in the Middle East. 

But boxing fans might have been excited when Pacquiao talked about a possible rematch with Mayweather on his Facebook page.

"I don't know yet who's my opponent next but we're still negotiating right now about the rematch with Floyd Mayweather so hoping for that," he said.

One doubts whether a rematch is possible as Mayweather had made it clear about his retirement, saying he does not have anything more to achieve in the sport. When these two boxers met for the most anticipated fight of the century in May, the American came up with a superb game to defeat Pacquaio.

Both the boxers made a huge moolah from the bout as it was one of the richest sporting event in the world. If Mayweather comes out of his retirement, which looks unlikely, expect the two boxers to make more money from the bout.