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In an unusual case, Shivmangal Sai from India's Chhattisgarh state has filed a police case against his son Santdhari for killing his pet dog Jhabbu.

The incident was reported in Surajpur district's Podi village on Wednesday evening when Sai was not at home, the Hindustan Times reported. Santdhari, 28, was arrested on Thursday under section 429 of the Indian Penal Code for killing the dog.

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Sai, 48, had tamed Jhabbu around a year ago, but his two sons never liked the dog. In fact, Sai's two sons had an argument with him over Jhabbu, but he kept the dog in the house.

"On Wednesday evening, at around 5 pm (local time), when Sai was not at home, Santdhari, one of his sons, started teasing the dog and instructed him to bring a ball which was lying in front of the house. When the dog did not obey Santdhari's instructions, he killed him with a sharp-edged weapon," HT quoted SR Bhagat, Surajpur's Additional Superintendent of Police (ASP), as saying.

When Sai returned home from the market, he saw Jhabbu lying on the floor. He then took the dog's body to the local police station to file a case against his son.

"He was crying and came along with the dead dog to the police station on a bicycle. Subsequently, we registered a case and arrested his son. More investigation is going on," the police official said.

According to reports, Sai buried the dog's body in his backyard.

Last year, a mob had attacked a man who killed a stray dog in Thane, Maharashtra. The man had hit the stray dog while driving in October. He was later arrested after the dog died of injuries. Almost two months after the incident, a group of men and women approached the man and assaulted him for killing the dog. According to police, the group of 8-10 men and women were not happy about the death of the dog and attacked him.