Aditya Pancholi
Aditya Pancholi [in picture] sent to jail for a year for assaulting neighbour.IANS File Photo

In a shocking turn-of-events, a famous Bollywood actress has alleged that Aditya Pancholi spiked her drink and raped her inside his car when she was just 17. The actress has detailed the events in a two-and-a-half-page statement, following which, an FIR has been filed against him in sections 376, 328, 384, 341, 342, 323, 506 of Indian Penal Code by the Versova Police.

As per a report in Mid-Day, the actress has said, "In 2004, I came to Mumbai with the dream of becoming a big actor someday. That year, I met Aditya Pancholi, who was then 38 years old, almost 22 years older than me. I used to stay at a hostel with group of girls while he was married and had two children; his daughter was my age then. In 2004, I went to a party with him. Sometime after having a drink, I started feeling dizzy. I suspected then that he [Pancholi] had spiked my drink. After the party got over, Pancholi said he will drop me home. So I went with him in his Range Rover car. He stopped it in the middle of Yari road and started getting forcefully physical with me. He also took photographs of, which I wasn't aware of. When we met the next time, he said we now share a relationship like the one between a husband and wife and we will live that way. I told him he was my father's age and I want to marry someone who is as old as me. Then, he showed me all the photographs he'd taken of me inside his car and started blackmailing me. He threatened to show these pictures to others. At the time, I was quite young, I had no one in Mumbai and he took the advantage of that."

"Between 2004 to 2005, I shifted to Pallavi Apartment with my aunt. Pancholi would come to that flat all the time with his friends and get forcefully physical with me. Every time, he would carry some medicine to spike my drinks. I used to feel dizzy after having them. He locked me in whenever he left my apartment. He would also assault me. He would give me drugs and click my photos; at the time, he used to get MDMA and ecstasy," the actress further said.

Talking about Zarina Wahab being aware of everything, the actress has alleged, "Instead of helping me out she said she does not have any problem with whatever is going on between me and Pancholi; both of us can carry on. She told me that she felt happy whenever Pancholi was not at home and said there will be peace at home only when he's not around. She also said that he is a big actor and she wouldn't like it if someone defamed him. He has no fear because his wife was helping him with whatever he has done to me. Through a journalist friend I also got to know that he raped a 14-year-old who used to work at a famous actress's house."

Aditya Pancholi has denied all the allegations and has said that he is being falsely implicated in the case. Pancholi has also submitted video footage of the actor's lawyer allegedly talking about the rape case that would be filed if Pancholi didn't withdraw the defamation complaint against her.