Dog attacks
Dog attacks- A dog bites a trainer during a defence and attack session.Getty images- JOSEPH EID / Staff

Liza Kanareikina, a 12-year-old Ukrainian schoolgirl, was partially eaten and "torn to pieces" by a pack of hungry dogs while she was returning home from school. Her body was found in Khartsyzsk city, 18 miles east of Donetsk.

According to local media reports, her parents found her remains ripped apart by the stray dogs "as vicious as wolves." The police said that Liza's mutilated body was found in a forest. 

"Police are questioning citizens and looking for any witnesses of the tragedy," said a local named Irina Filippova.

Liza's neighbour Dmitry Tsurkanov told the media that he found the girl's school bag when he was driving by the spot of the attack. The bag contained notebooks and textbooks, including a Russian language book for the sixth grade.

In a nearly similar incident, a woman named Galina said that she was bitten by a stray dog at a local market while shopping.

The locals believe that the stray dogs, especially those that have been abandoned by the owners since the civil war, are becoming a threat to their safety.

Vladimir Tsimmerman, an official from the Donetsk city administration, said that such incidents linked to the aggressiveness of stray dogs are results of the war. He further said that those dogs that are abandoned tend to become fierce and that every month 50 to 100 such dogs are taken away. Most of these dogs are killed and half of them are returned sterilized with chips.