A documentary series titled 'Crime Stories: India Detectives', featuring four stories, and real-life heroes who solve crimes to make the world safer for everyone. Set in Bengaluru, 'Crime Stories: India Detectives' explores some of the most puzzling crimes that the city has witnessed.

To make this documentary series possible, a crew followed the Bengaluru Police and documented a never-seen-before look into the methods and working of Indian police. It will give a sneak-peek glimpse into the psyche of a suspect and a glimpse into the complex and challenging inner workings of four major crime investigations. The series has been produced by Minnow Films, and co-directed by N. Amit and Jack Rampling.

Showing human side of police department

Crime Stories: India Detectives is based on real events between 2018 and 2020. The first episode, which is titled "A Murdered Mother", is based on the brutal murder that happened in KR Puram on February 3, 2020. While the entire nation would have read or watched the news about the heinous crime of a 33-year-old murdering her own mother and then trying to kill her brother, the first episode of the Crime Stories: India Detectives gives a rare glimpse into the complex and challenging inner workings of the police department to solve the case.

B'luru cop in Netflix's Crime Stories: India Detectives is on-screen hero; off-screen too [watch]

IPS officer MN Anucheth, DCP Bengaluru Central division is featured in the series, giving viewers an unseen perspective. Speaking to International Business Times, Anucheth, IPS, revealed how the series captures the true essence of the real police work that goes on in solving the crimes without any glamour or flamboyancy.

It's unique. Even with the media, we either give a press note or interview, but no one gets to see how we caught the criminal, what was our thought process. In this (Netflix series), it has been captured well," Anucheth, IPS, who was the deputy commissioner of police (Mahadevapura zone) at the time of filming, told IBTimes.

This was a unique experience even for the police department and there was no comfort zone as cameras constantly followed them around. "Initially we were a bit conscious with the cameras around, but we got used to it. Hopefully, people will get to see the inner workings of the police department. People will also get to see the human face of the police as well," he said.

Finally, Anucheth shared his take on the series and said how it doesn't resemble the flamboyancy of Bollywood or TV series and shows real police work.

B'luru cop in Netflix's Crime Stories: India Detectives is on-screen hero; off-screen too [watch]
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"Everyone has seen films and crime series. This is something different. It shows real police officers doing actual work. It is not like Singham or anything. As a police officer I can say that the series captures the essence of what we really do. There are not flares or flamboyancy, it's very natural," Anucheth told IBTimes.

"A Murdered Mother"

The first episode in the Crime Stories: India Detectives series is of the 33-year-old software engineer who allegedly stabbed her mother to death and attacked her brother in their sleep in KR Puram. While the brother survived the attack, the mother died of multiple stab wounds. The reason for the murder was established as growing financial crisis in her family.

After putting together all the missing pieces of the puzzle, the accused Amrutha Chandrashekhar, who had fled, was arrested at Port Blair in a matter of days.