Bloodborne Moon Presence boss fight
Bloodborne Moon Presence boss

Although many articles have been written on the newly-released Bloodborne, but none has been successful in highlighting the real value of the game. 

Bloodborne keeps true to the gameplay mechanism that was earlier revealed, with fans of Dark Souls and Demon Souls reaping the maximum benefit. 

With the game already having been released, there's a chance that you have already finished playing the game. On the other hand, there are chances, albeit slim, that you have actually come across all the three endings for the game. But there's a way for you to check out all the three endings to the game without much sweat.

Presuming you have already gone through a huge chunk of the game and nearing its end, here are the tips on how to reach all the three endings for the game.

Note: Before going through the tips, make sure that you have defeated Mergo's Wet Nurse in the Nightmare of Mensis area.

Bloodborne: Ending One and Two

Both the endings will be determined by your response to Gehrman, the First Hunter. If you 'Submit Your Life,' the game will end right there without any additional fighting and you will be directed to the first ending. If you 'Refuse,' you will have to battle Gehrman and defeat him to get to the second ending.

Bloodborne: Ending Three (The Real Deal)

In order to get to the third and real ending to Bloodborne, you will need to embark upon some exploring before speaking to Gehrman. Note that there are four umbilical cords for you to find in the game. You will need to find and use at least three of them before you can defeat Gehrman to unlock the true ending.

  • Get The First Umbilical Cord: The first of the umbilical cords is the easiest to get. Just defeat Merho's Wet Nurse and you'll automatically receive one piece of the puzzle. Since you need to do this to face off against Gehrman anyhow, you will get to it, no matter how you finish the game.
  • Get The Second Umbilical Cord: The second umbilical cord can be obtained, provided you had spoken to Arianna earlier in the game and directed her to the Chapel safe house. Arianna will be located in the Cathedral Ward. Now, if you head back to the Chapel before you face off against Gehrman, you will find her in a small, sewer-like room between the Tomb of Oedon and the Chapel. You will have to kill her baby to receive the umbilical cord.
  • Get The Third Umbilical Cord: For the third umbilical cord, just head to the Healing Church Workshop area and drop down when you come across the broken path on the lower level. This should be the same route that you took to reach the Vicar Amelia boss.
  • Get The Fourth Umbilical Cord: For the fourth umbilical cord, you should find it in Iosefka's Clinic. Just enter the clinic via the back way, as this allows you to fight Iosefka (if you want). Inside the clinic, there's a patient laying on one of the operating tables. Kill the patient to obtain the last umbilical cord. Now, chances are that you may not see any patient on the operating table. If that's indeed so, it means you've come to the clinic too early in the game. It's better you head over to the clinic just before you are ready to face Gehrman.

Provided you have acquired at least three umbilical cords, approach Gehrman and refuse his offer. After you defeat Gehrman in battle, you will then have to face off against the Moon Presence boss.

Bloodborne: Moon Presence Boss Fight

Believe it or not, even though the Moon Presence boss fight is the final one in the chapter, it's actually the easiest of all. You will come across the Moon Presence boss in Bloodborne immediately after defeating Gehrman, provided you complete all the requirements stated above.

Moon Presence is indeed one of the speediest bosses around in the game. However, you can dodge almost all of its attacks by standing behind it or maintaining a safe distance. The only attack that should concern you is when you see the Moon Presence emitting a red flash. This is where you will lose almost all of your health.

You can always replenish your health with the help of Blood Vials in the game, but it's better if you save them for that moment when you will desperately need it. Although there are chances that you might not have many Blood Vials left after your battle with Gehrman.

Nonetheless, after emitting the red flash, the Moon Presence will be weakened and vulnerable, and it will just sit there for a short period. This is your chance to run up to it and attack as much as possible. Make use of the Regain system here to replenish your health. You should get to the Bloodborne true ending once Moon Presence is successfully defeated.

[Source: Prima Games]