Bloodborne co-op fix

Glitches in Bloodborne are bringing a lot of joy to players. And, although the developers tried to be a spoilsport by introducing a fix to the issue via the new patch 1.02, it seems players have already found a way to evade it and continue on their merry ways.

From Software had recently released the update 1.02 for Bloodborne that fixed the game- breaking bug that was affecting many players from progressing. Apart from that, the update was also said to remove the item duplication glitch.

Not long ago, YouTuber Gametastik posted a video that showed a Bloodborne item duplication exploit. As expected, the item duplication exploit allowed players to duplicate "stackable items" in their inventory. But that was fixed with the new update.

Now, another YouTuber Kenny Stimmel has found a glitch that can help players bypass the fixes brought in by the patch 1.02. In the video, he makes his way to a certain area in the Forbidden Woods. There, he runs around a table a number of times and gets thousands of free Blood Echoes.

While people commenting on the video have indeed noted that this new process looks like a pretty lengthy one and maybe an impractical process of getting Blood Echoes, but you have to admit it's one of the super easy ways to do it. Check it out below:

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