Bloodborne co-op fix

The demon-hunting, blood-vial collecting adventure game, Bloodborne, is also one of the few in the industry that has actually delivered to the hype that generated since its initial announcement.

A lot has been said and written about the game, particularly about its single players mode and experience; but there are still a few questions related to the game's co-op mode that need to be answered. After all, while Bloodborne alone is good, Bloodborne with another friend in co-op mode is even better.

But as we said, there are still a lot of things to know about the game's co-op mode. The players need time to get used to the elements in the mode. The list below attempts at explaining some FAQs:

Is the Full Game Accessible with the Co-op Mode?

  • Well, no. There are areas that require specific actions or items to be used by the player to enable the co-op (like the Cathedral Ward area). Other areas, however, do not allow co-op support at all, although the majority of the game can be played jointly.

Will Story Progression Affect My Co-op (If the other person is ahead)?

  • You can always join a game with a friend, irrespective of how far you or your friend have already reached in it. You can connect with your friend as long as both of you are in the same area. Story progression does not matter for either player when it comes to summoning.

How Many Players Can Get into Bloodborne in Co-op?

  • Bloodborne can be played in co-op with up to three players online.

What Are Chalice Dungeons?

  • All through the game, players are bound to acquire several Chalices, which can later be used in conjunction with materials gathered in the world to create explorable dungeons. The first time you create a dungeon from a base chalice type, expect the dungeon layout to be set. Note that bosses in the dungeon will drop other Chalices that can be used in their own ritual to create a random version of the dungeon. You can play the Chalice Dungeons in co-op with friends by sharing the password for that dungeon.

How Does the Save Game in Co-op Mode Work?

  • If you have a friend as a co-operator for the game, or if you are a co-operator yourself, note that you or your friend can be summoned into another player's game immediately. This will stop all progress in the concerned player's own world and spawn into the Beckoner's world. While co-operators will not gain any world progress, they can still collect healing items, ammunition, and Blood Echoes.

Bloodborne Insight: What is it and How Do I Get It?

  • Like the Blood Echoes, Insight is another form of currency in the game. A Beckoner must spend one Insight to ring the Beckoning Bell to initiate a search for a co-op session. While co-operators will earn one Insight for assisting a Beckoner in defeating an area boss, Beckoners will gain one or two insight for just finding a boss, and then more if they defeat it. You can also earn Insight by discovering certain in-game locations and performing specific actions, Insight can even be gathered via infrequent consumable items found throughout the game.

Can I Introduce a Stranger into Co-op, Aside My Friend?

  • Playing the game in co-op with someone you know and another random player is possible. When you have beckoned you friend to join in with you, he or she joins; then, just set the game's network settings to default and your game will go public. This also saves you the time you would have spent otherwise in ringing the Beckoning Bell to call upon more players.

Can a Summoned Co-operator "Screw Up" My Game?

  • Although this question can easily friendzone you for a long time, there's indeed an answer to it. So before you get friendzoned in Bloodborne (since people will tag you as a "jerk" for thinking others will "mess up" your game), know that there's absolutely no way another summoned player can "screw up" your game. In fact, they can't even interact with the NPCs when they are in your world.

What are these Bubbling Puddles of Smoke and Blood on the Ground?

  • This is basically the messenger mechanic in the game. Players can leave helpful (or deceptive) notes for others using the notebook item (get it the same time you acquire the Beckoning Bell). The blood puddles, on the other hand, show off how other players in that area died. Call it a kind of disclaimer that you should be aware of when entering that certain area.

What is the Main Aim in the Bloodborne Co-op Session?

  • Your primary aim in the game's co-op is to defeat an area boss. Once this is completed, the session will automatically end.

Stay tuned for more updates!

[Source: Co-Optimus]