Bloodborne co-op fix

We are just a few months into 2015 and already the newly released Bloodborne is being touted as one of the best titles of the year. While that remains to be seen, players and users alike have taken to the Internet to reveal facts and details about the game that could make life a lot easier for newbies coming into Yharnam.

The world of Yharnam is huge to say the least. And mixed with that, the eternally difficult boss levels in the game give fans a sense of fulfilment that's quite difficult to bring with so many goo titles hitting the market at the same time.

That said, going through the expansive world of Bloodborne can be quite a time-consuming task. And although no one is really complaining, it still would be great if we had a picture of what we are dealing with here. As if to answer our prayers, a full map for the game has been created by Reddit user Hero-loves-burger.

Sure the map is still in its infancy and will require more time to get finished, but we commend the fact that someone actually took the initiative and started working on the game's map, which when completed, will surely help a lot of newcomers to the game sought out their ways.

This visual should be able to help anyone confused by the several text-based guides out there. And if you haven't got issues with the combat mechanism of the game, then this is map perfect. There are no tips here on how to defeat each of the bosses, but just tells the player how to get to each location.

Was the hand-drawn map useful? Do you think you have played enough to complete the drawing of the map on your own? Let us know in the comments section below.